Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)

Another update after longer time...


Zartako - Ordainduko Duzue
(Although they are also from Euskal Herria (and I think that they are actually both from Bilbo), it is not the hardcore Oi! band Zartako, they play more plain Oi!... Some sample mp3s you can find here (bottom of the page)
Pressure Point - Resist And Riot (2007)
The A.Y.I.L.A.R (some 15 tracks)
Guerilla Poubelle - Punk = Existentialisme (2007)
and some hip-hop
AK-47 - Fuori Dal Centro (Italian old school hip hop)
Assalti Frontali - Mi Sa Che Stanotte (2006)
Assalti Frontali - Banditi

And cos it is christmas time, you should bear in mind, that ->click<-


Non Servium - El Imperio Del Mal (2007) (Final Remaster)

12 tracks with final remaster, released 1.12. For now I have found it only at Fire&Flames shop...
But for sure you can DL it also from my RS.com folder before it gets tou yours local distros.



Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Železná Kolóna - My sa trosiek nebojíme... (2007)
(in the archive there are also their lyrics translated into english..)
Edelweiss Piraten - Pořád Dole
(not the band from Olsztyn [in Poland] but from Otrokovice [in the Czech rep.], btw about the Edelweißpiraten movement at >>libcom.org<<)
Rozpor - Organizovaný punk (2004)
Prima Linea Skinheads + 4b-Union - Italy vs Japan (2004)


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Esclaves Salariés - Ca Augure Mal (2007)
Esclaves Salariés - Dur a battre (2003)
Chépa - Le Titre !! (2007)
Knuckledust - Promises Comfort Fools (2007)
The Fallout - Dismantlement (2007)
Generacion Rebelde - Condannati
Full Speed Ahead - All In Me (2007)
Full Speed Ahead - Born To Lose (2004)
Full Speed Ahead - Unchain The Chained (2002)


Expandable Baton - Video Training

Expandable Baton In (weapon) self-defense is an expandable baton quite good option - its effect is faster than gas, it´s not so dangerous for you as using a boxer or a gas-gun, it can be effective against stronger and cold-weapons armored aggressors (and aggressive dogs), has intimidate effect...

In the video there are some basics, cold weapons defense, fixation techniques and so on.. The video is visual oriented so it is quite language independent (some basic english subtitles are added into flash version).

You can watch the video online or download to your computer.
-> Expandable Baton - Video Training

Warning! Hitting vital zones (head) can cause serious injuries or death, strong hit in bone or joint can cause serious injuries - so be careful.
Using a weapons is the last option, you should always try to run (in case of armored attack) or fight without them.

(When you are going to buy this, there are hardened and not-hardened versions - hardened are more durable)

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Istinto Antifascista & Subculture Voice - Split (2005)
Short'n'Curlies - For Fuck's Sake
Prisoners Of War - Ciutat Vella (2005)
Gavroche - Santena Oi!
(Should be available for download also from their official pages but there are some problems)
Brigada Flores Magon - Tout Pour Tous (2007)
A Sangre y Fuego - Se ha escrito la historia
(Should be available for download also here, but it doesn´t work for me..)
Loikaemie - Loikaemie (2007)
Punishable Act - Infect (1994)
Punishable Act - Anti-vision (2004)
Punishable Act - Against The Stream (1999)

-> Realpolitik! (2007)
-> Intro5pect (2003)





The Higgins - Who the Fuck are you
Riot Brigade - Here´s Our Answer
Trapallada - Demo
North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty (2007)
Deskaroi - Demo (their profile, with no more info at the moment :) )
Ska´n´Ska - s/t (EP)
-> videoclip Ya Basta! - Live at the gg demonstartion >>here<<


Opozicion - Ruido insurgente
Splinter - Got A Feeling (EP)

|Internet Radios|

Radio*Radio Rebelde (max 3 listeners..)

*Radio Streets United
(Oi!, SKA, Hardcore, Streetpunk, Psychobilly)

*radio freFM "Kein Kommerz auf Megahertz"
>>Tune In<<

other radios at the *Free Radios In Germany (BFR) project-page

*Radio 1 (more bitrate modes here)
(Many different styles, depends on time and day of week..)


Skinheads USA - Soldiers of Race War

*at GoogleVideo
if you will have problems with this video there (as I had..), try to reload page or watch it

at Dailymotion.com
|Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Agresion - Sin Piedad (2007)
Agresion - No Vamos a Cambiar
Agresion - Directo
Madlocks - Pretty... bored (Demo)
Anarchoi - The First Incitement (2003)
Anarchoi - Unreleased (2005)
Anarchoi - You Don't Have To Steal This CD It's Free (2004)
Sentido Critico - Pienso Luego Resisto (2007)

And some videoclips:
Komintern 43 - RASH
Manu Chao - Rainin´ In Paradize
Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Azione Diretta - Rabbia (Demo 2007)
Automatica Aggregazione - Demo (5 tracks)
Offensiva - Napoli Odia (demo 2007)
Rip Off - Demo (198x)
Sistema Sonoro Skartel - Demo
(And at their Last.fm page you can listen and download track from new single "Ruido de resistencia". Hopefully there wil be also new album soon..)
Final Prayer - Right Here Right Now (2006)

Les Vieilles Salopes ->
*Aime-moi tendre, aime-moi vrai (2003)
*Jamais debout toujours par terre (2005) >>here<<
*Premier Crackage (2001) >>here<<

H-Block 101 ->
*No Room For Apathy (1997)
*Burning With The Times (2001)
*A Voice In The Crowd (1996)
* Synergy (1998)
- links >>here<<

Nucleo Terco ->
*Abriendo fuego >>here<<
*Stalingrado 1943 >>here<<



GuerrilleraA documentary with English subtitles (basic English - you don´t have to worry if you will understand..) about a girl who joins FARC. This documentary takes place during her time in a "boot camp".

Watch at the GoogleVideo or if you have slow connection, don´t use Flash in your browser... you can download this in MP4 format (226MB) from >>here<<. (right click - "save as")

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Oi! Se Arma - Balas Perdidas (2007)
--> VideoClip Clockwork Oi!
Oi! Se Arma - Ya Es Domingo (Live Demo)
Brigata Parcoflorida - Canzoni Nuove
Suicide Pride - Kell egy új világ (2007)


Music - RASH, Antifas... (Update)


Duff Hooligans - Los Elegantes Chicos De La Clase Obrera (2007)
Urban69 - Primer Golpe (EP 2006)
El Furibundo Serna - El Pueblo Unido (2003)

Suspenders - Quien Siembra Vientos Recoge Tempestades (2003)
(also DVD "Suspenders en Bilborrock")
Los Chikos Del Maiz
* Miedo y asco en Valencia (2005) -> from official site
* A D10s Le Pido (2007) -> from HH Directo (Download=Descargar)
(or directly from their myspace)


Sources: Video

Perhaps you now some of them, maybe all of them, maybe not..

use search according your interests...
*Brightcove.tv (searches also at Youtube and Google video)
e.g. try search for "Spanish Civil War"
+ here are some prepared playlists Anarchist history or (again - it´s late and I´m out of fresh ideas ;-) ) Spanish Civil War (documentaries here are in Spanish but if you click "Browse video list" you will see documentary "The Daily War" - this one is with English subtitles)
*Google Video
*Live Leak e.g. try search for "Plan Colombia" (here you can watch documentary "about the first U.S. oil war of 21th Century" or take a look here for a shorter version (politics really know what people need. But this wouldn´t be about helping anyway, so what..)

*RebeldeMule - (perhaps the best one) not only P2P links; Movies, Documentaries...
(if you will need subtitles try to search here - Subbiee.com - searches in multiple subtitles sites and languages)
*One Big Torrent -> "OneBigTorrent.org is a new place for sharing material that deals with or is relevant to issues of social justice, progressive and radical politics, independent media, ecology. We run a local bittorrent tracker (which we encourage uploaders to use), and we also host torrents from other trackers, as well as ed2K and Magnet links."
*Soviet Movies - ED2K links and direct downloads (but direct downloads for non-russian IPs only from 4 to 10 AM (or so) of the Moscow time) (here you can download for example Idi i Smotri (Иди и смотри) - for this there are also (at least) english subtitles) or Piry Valtasara, ili noch so Stalinym (Пиры Валтасара, или Ночь со Сталиным)
+ for Italian speaking *NewGlobalVision

(Some vids are also at ChristieBooks - but my quicktime plugin is srewed up and I´m not going to fix it - so explore yourself..)

Since this post is about movies - Does anybody have documentary "Resistencia: Hip Hop in Colombia"? That suckers want 60USD for this on DVD...

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Razzapparte - Il Drago E Il Leone (2007)
Defaillance (CAN) - Mort Vivant
4 Moors - Costa Nord
Barricade (PA) - Be Heard (2006)
Barricade (PA) - Demo (2004)

MOB - Santi senza Dio (2007) (credits for this go to Parapunx)
Download from Rapidshare.com


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


S-Contro - King of Fools (2007)
Proletarios Oi! - Aun Nos Queda (2005)
Toe To Toe - Old Scores New Glories


RASH logo (hi-res) (2)

RASH logo - use links to download in hi-resSome time ago I put here the 1st RASH logo in high resolution. Now you can download here also that second.

This logo was realized by Philipp (www.meineid-buttons.de).

2325 x 1942 px 300 dpi

download as
.psd (0.8 MB) .jpg (1,4 MB) .cdr (86 kB)
(right click and "save as")

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)

Assalt 43 - Nuestro Camino (I recommend this, one of the top Oi! albums I´ve heard)
Assalt 43 - Demo
Que Risa!! - Nunca Te Olvides (originally posted at Musica De La Calle)
Steel Boots - Demo (6 tracks)
Guerilla Poubelle - Il faut repeindre le monde...en noir
Guerilla Poubelle w. Butter Beans split - Discographie 2000 - 2004
Zion Train - Live As One (2007)


Music - RASH, Antifas... (update)

AK-47 (CAN) - Red Anthem (1999)
Blastcaps - Blastcaps (1999) (lo-fi sample in FlashPlayer..)
Derkovbois - Mindent Egy Lapra (2005)
Derkovbois - Demo
Ghetto 84 - A Denti Stretti (lo-fi sample in FlashPlayer..)

+ Manu Chao - La Radiolina (2007) - from divshare.com


100% White

100% White - A documentary

Memebers of British nazi gang after 10 years.. >>Watch Here<< (If you want to download this, >>here<< you can get torrent or tell me and I will upload it somewhere..)

Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Skuds and Panic People - Human Extinction (2005)
-> the rest of their albums you can download from their official pages >>here<<
Aggressive Combat - Etorkizun iluna

(And somebody wanted me to repost Blaggers ITA - United Colors (I´m sorry it took me such a long time, I noticed that request now....) I found live link and it is >>here<< (and credits goes >>here<<) (btw - add your requests to the comments of the newest post - not to the comments of the post, you want me to reupload ;-).

Other Downloads:

Dancehall Satan - Album + EP >>here<<
Fegyelmező Részleg - 2 x Album >>here<<
Agente Calavera - Demo + 2 x EP >>here<<
Wisdom In Chains - Class War -> at Ifolder.ru or Megaupload.com


Movie: I Pugni In Tasca

Poster Marco Bellocchio - I Pugni In Tasca (Fists In The Pocket), 1965
"Tormented by twisted desires, a young man takes drastic measures to rid his grotesquely dysfunctional family of its various afflictions in this astonishing 1965 debut from Marco Bellocchio.

Charged by a coolly assured style, shocking perversity, and savage gallows humor, Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca) was a gleaming ice pick in the eye of bourgeois family values and Catholic morality, a truly unique work that continues to rank as one of the great achievements of Italian cinema."

IMDB rating: 7.8/10, CSFD rating: 86%

>>More info and download links<<
(HTTP + P2M)

(Italian language, I found only English and Spanish subtitles)


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Brigada Oi! - Album
Chépa- A L'arrache (the 9th track is uncomplete :( )
Rancore - Rifiuto (2005)


Hansi 1. A Comix
"Hansi, the Girl who Loved the Swastika"
but then she discovered God and USA and fall in love with them. As she says herself - All the diference between "bad" and "good" naz(ional)ism is, that it´s ok to be a nazi(onalist) if your country is blessed by God (p 30). Yep, she would probably loved also Tiso and Mel Gibson. (These christians are so full of love...) And the worst in this comic are Soviets - damned unbelieving internationalists..

Read here or if you have slow connection you can download it as *.pdf

GANS2. Gay Aryan National-Socialists - GANS
"..we fight against jews and streight guys, Hitler was homo sexual! comrad! all problems u have caused by black and jew!" "And women too"

These are russian pages but at their forum you can find also foreign section with their program in English. *Web Guidepost *Forum *Photos *Links

3. A Documentary "Louis Theroux and the Nazis""Louis Theroux travels to California to meet the man dubbed "the most dangerous racist in America"; Tom Metzger. The documentary focuses on him, his family and his publicity manager as well as following him to skinhead rallies and on a visit to Mexico. It also features a twin girl singing duo known as Prussian Blue and their neo-nazi family."

Watch at GoogleVideo or Videosift.com

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)

The Rookers http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A
The Rebel Spell - Days Of Rage (2005)
The Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymens Terms (2003)
The Rookers - Rancor and Restitution (2006)
The Rookers - Rookers (Demo 2005)

+ For Streetpunk I made new folder at badongo.com -> http://rs2.badongo.com

+If you want me to reupload some already deleted album from this blog add your request to the comments of the newest post


Anarchist Cookbook

Bomb Before further reading don´t forget that starting a mayhem isn´t the only (and definitely is not the best) way How to put some anarchy into your life.

What´s today called anarchist cookbook is more collection of illegal howtos than something anarchist in any sense. There are lot of "different" versions (some of them you can get here) of this however most of texts included there are quite useless (if you are interested in some of topics in this book, you will probably get more help somewhere else than there). Nevertheless if you are curious and want check it out here is version, that seems to me to be the most comprehensive one -> anarchist_cookbook.tgz (12MB, 75MB after unpacking, unpack and run .windex.html). And if you still don´t have enough of
mayhem readings here are some links where you can find more of this stuff:
*Banned Books *Anarchy Database *DragonCode

!!! While this (as I assume) original (from 70´s) possibly can still provide some useful infos Abbie Hoffman - Steal This Book! (you can visit your local bookstore
and steal it or download it here as .rtf or here as .txt). Perhaps you should also check out how to fire your boss - A workers guide to direct action And about bringing the theory into praxis in history you can read in Anarchism, From Theory to Practice (Daniel Guerin).

All texts above are in English - If you will try to search maybe you will find translation also into your native language.

Note: when downloading files form 4shared.com you have to wait few secs before download link is generated.

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmaster of this site and associated businesses do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational and entertainment purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

... bla bla bla. Have a fun ;-)

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Subsistance + Humanifesto

Subsistance http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A

Subsistance - Bleed Sweat and Strive (2007)
Humanifesto - A Declaration Of Intent


Music - Update



Insulto - Insulto Oi! (>>Here<< you can download CD cover and booklet with lyrics translated into English)
Non Servium - El Imperio del Mal (11 tracks)
Xenreira - Erguete!! (Rock´n´Ska)
Rancore - Demo (or via Badongo)
Ficha 39 - A Toda Ostia


Music - Update



La Gachette - ...Ne Renoncera Pas
La Gachette - En Route Vers Demain
Section Houblon - Demo (2006)
Aki No Keda Nadie - Demo (I put it also here but RS keeps it longer...)
Toro Bravo - Tavo vertybes (2007)
Aus Rotten - And Now Back To Our Programming
Endless Struggle - Till the end

I also uploaded some streetpunk, which I put it at Badongo:

Complete Control & Krum Bums - Death Can Wait
Frontline Attack - Mindless Violence
Monster Squad - All Out of Control
Krum Bums - As The Tide Turns (2006)

>>Here<< you can download demo of Chilean Oi! band Los Corleones
and >>here<< the first album from Charles Bronson's Discipline
And today the last is HxC, Punk band from Bogota K-93 with their album >>Terapia<< and Japanese band from the 80´s The 4th International


Music - RASH, Antifas... (update)

Inner Terrestrialshttp://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A
Inner Terrestrials - Escape From New Cross (live)
Inner Terrestrials - X
Inner Terrestrials - IT!
Inner Terrestrials - Enter The Dragon

Jonny Gerriwelt & The Fucking Bastards - Maketa (2001)
Jonny Gerriwelt & The Fucking Bastards - Streetpunk Rockers

And more quality music you can find here: http://a-music.anho.org/a (or "b" or "n"....till "z" ;-)
e.g. http://a-music.anho.org/a


Music - RASH, Antifas... (update)



Runnin´ Riot - Monks Not Dead
Runnin´ Riot - Built in Belfast
Hors Controle - Pour tes freres (2005) Samples
Hors Controle - Ca Joue Ou Bien (2004)
Hors Controle - Eponyme
Hors Controle - Liberte Surveillee (2003)
Hors Controle - Biere musique et amiti
Duap - Anti Patria (demo 1995)
Duap - Solo Per Noi
Fettsoi! - Saustall
Fighting Chance - Sacrifice and Struggle -> Info
Fighting Chance - Thus Hope Fades
Insurgentes - Mensajes De Revuelta (and their First Album)


Music - RASH, Antifas... (update)

The Bayonets


The Bayonets - Our Fight
The Bayonets - Demo

And because I don´t have too much time to upload files in these days, here are free downloadable albums, part II....

Oliba Gorriak
Les Co-Tizeurs
Vento dall'Est
Boots Brothers (ITA!! - not the German nazi band)
J´aurais Voulu
Hachazo (+ other albums via Emule)

Edit: I forgot Mossin Nagant (their official site is not working...)


Music - Update

The Coup

Firstly, I added some hip-hop to my rapidshare folder:

Anarchist Academy- Am Rande Des Abgrunds (LP 1993)
Anarchist Academy - Anarchophobia (1994)
The Coup - Party Music (2001)
The Coup - Pick A Bigger Weapon (2006)
Credit To The Nation - Take Dis (1993) (samples)
Credit To The Nation - Keep Your Mouth Shut (1998) (never officially released)
Sabac Red - Sabacolypse

But not only hip hop, also Demo from Duff Hooligans

And if you want some more Punk´n´Oi! music, visit pages of these bands where you can download their albums:

Camarada Kalashnikov
Brigada Flores Magon
Desperta Ferro (their new album Segueu Arran you can download from my rapidshare folder)
Jeunesse Apatride
Skuds & Panic People
Razor Bois (That link is not, obviously, to their official site where you could download their demo - but that official site dissapeared so.. and you can also visit their profile on myspace)
Reazione (There is full album Scars'N'Beers but wrong linked so use these links)
Oi! Kobras
Facecontrol (Download="Скачать")

Today it´s all folks...


V for Vendetta

V for VendettaV for Vendetta - a comic
"V", an anarchist revolutionary begins an elaborate, violent, and theatrical campaign to destroy the totalitarian government. (More info)

Download - http://vendetta.4shared.com/

Hitler vs StalinHere is one more comic - Hitler vs. Stalin - Aryan power versus personified willpower of the Soviet people to defeat nacism. Superhero Stalin trained by Lenin himself.
In Russian (there are also english subtitles)
In English

And if you want to, you should check out also another Hitler vs. Stalin publication, which is not about Hitler and Stalin...

This post seems to be whole (but not just) about struggle so I´m gonna hold it and let´s look what are the current standings ;-) What more to tell?, Keep it real...

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Music - Update



Feccia Oi! (ex Feccia Rossa)- Live
Feccia Rossa - Sempre contro
Feccia Rossa - Obbligati ad Odiare
Ya Basta! - Sans Retour

Les Kamionërs Du Suicide
EP rip - La java des bons enfants, Decolonisation ! (1988)
+ Bonus - Action rouge in dub, Graine de terroriste (Mono)
-> 4 tracks, 128 kbit

(if problems downloading from megaupload due to the full country slots -> IE users may download and install "megaupload Alexa toolbar" or Firefox users may install "User Agent Switcher" extension then in Firefox open Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Options -> Options, then in window which opens, click "User Agents" -> "Add", as "Description" write "Megaupload" and in "User agents" paste this -

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)
Ok. Then again in Firefox open Tools -> User Agent Switcher and switch to "Megaupload" go to the megaupload link and download...)

Edit: This megaupload guide works no more - use megaupload link grabber


RASH logo (hi-res)

RASH logoHave you ever searched for RASH logo in some higher resolution? If you succeeded you are genial but the biggest one I have found on the internet was something like 220 x 220px which is not too usable if you wanna use it when making some leaflet, poster or whatever else you can need it for. So I redrawed this one and now you can download the result here (use links below). Just if you will make any improvements of it, share your result also here, please.

So, here you are
5743 x 4486 px 300 dpi
download as *.png (1.0 MB) *.psd (5,5 MB) or half-sized *jpg (422kB 2362x1845 px)
(right click and "save as")

In the future when I will have some time I´m gonna redraw also that logo with globe - or you can try it and share your result?... ;-)

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Music - Update

Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Great anarcho pop punk i discovered recently...

Download their album "Long Live The Anarchist Revolutionairies" ->

(If somebody wants to know who Louis Lingg was
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Lingg)

And I also added some streetpunk to my rapidshare folder:

Havoc - Our Rebellion Has Just Begun
Defiance - Nothing Lasts Forever
Antidote - My Life
Frontkick - Streetpunk rebels


Music - Update



Offensiva - Crumiro (Demo 2006)
Guerilla - Zona Antifascista (2007)
Guerilla - Virus Macht (2003) (FlashPlayerRip)
Guerilla - A Call to Arms (2005)
Figli Di Alex - Guerra Agli Oppressori (2004)
Camaleon Oi x Oi! - Nueva Sangre
Camaleon Oi x Oi! (6 tracks)
Blaggers ITA - Bad Karma
Atarassia Grop - Nonsipuofermareilvento
Atarassia Grop - L'Involuzione Della Specie
Atarassia Grop - Fantasmi
Atarassia Grop - Aqui Estamos
MiSanDao - Proud Of The Way
MiSanDao - Clamp Down
RedBanner - No Ens Aturaran (part 2: tracks 12-18 - Cataluny Punk_s)
RedBanner - No Ens Aturaran (part 1: tracks 1 - 11 + 19, 20)
Rebelde & Veleno Sociale
Rebelde - Fratelli Di Sangue
Horda Bastarda - Old skull (Madrid HxC)
Asalto 54 & 45 Revolutions - Beneficio para companer@s antifascistas
Vecchio Scarpone - Demo
Molodoi - Rebelle Anonyme
Molodoi - Dragon Libre
Sector Oi! - Grito De Uni_n (2003)
Fate 2 Hate - Iron Fist
Classical Slum - Rude Kids
Skarmento - Que Podemos Agardar
Skarmento - Musica Anti-Sistema (2006)
Intervenzione - Walls of Shame
Bierkampf - Cuore Duro
MC Dr Kary + Gardezitty


RASH, Antifas - update



Sistema Sonoro Skartel - Manifiesto Proletario Dub Internacional
Desperta Ferro - Segueu Arran (2006)
Lumpen - In Ogni Caso Nessun Rimorso [2005]
Lumpen - Diamo Fastidio (Demo 2001)
Inerdzia vs Da Skywalkers - Never mind the borders
Inerdzia - Tu Puoi
Inerdzia - Sasso carta forbice
The Class Assassins - State Of Emergency (2002)
Barra Brava - Mala Racha y La Working Class


RASH, Antifas - update



Demasiados Enemigos - Ke Kallen Las Malas Lenguas
Kaos Urbano - Bronky Y Rebelion
Blaggers ITA - Guns Of Brixton
Colonna Infame Skinhead - Discography
Razzapparte - Gente Senza Poesia
Remences - No t'arronsis (Demo 1994)
Remences - Fills de la classe obrera
Freiboiter - Rock City
Agresion Callejera - Agresion Callejera (Demo 2003)
Freiboiter & Youngang - Brave new world (2006)
Brixton Cats - Brixton Cats (Demo 2003)
Brixton Cats - Brixton Cats (Album 2004)
(Hip-Hop ->)
TTC - 3615 TTC (2006)
Busdriver - Memoirs Of The Elephant Man (2000))


RASH, Antifas - update



Banda del Rione - Quale Destino per Noi
Banda del Rione - Banda del Rione
Paragraf 119 - Stotteplade For Anarchist Black Cross
Paragraf 119 - Musik Til Ulempe 19.01.2007
Paragraf 119 - Du Har Ikke En Chance (2003)
Hocus Pocus - Acoustic HipHop Quintet
Freibeuter AG - Strafen und Klagen
Generacion Perdida - Contra Toda Autoridad, Resistencia Anarcopunk
Red Banner - Catalunya Punk_s (2005)
Adunata vs. Antiruggine - Da Costa A Costa (2004)
Antiruggine - Ci Siamo Anche N'Oi! (2003)


RASH, Antifas - Oi!, Punk, HxC, Ska - Music


There are:

AK-47 - Free Palestine
Bayonets - Demo
Brigata Cani Da Birra - Demo
Blood For Blood - Livin In Exile
Blood For Blood - Outlaw Anthems
Blood For Blood - Revenge On Society
Blood For Blood - Serenity
Brigada Flores Magon - Anges Gardiens (250 kbit VBR)
Blaggers I.T.A. - On Yer Toez
Bukaneros - Demo
Crit De Lluita - Guerra Per La Terra
Curasbun Oi! - Kaos
Curasbun Oi! - Oi! Desde el tercer Mundo
Curasbun Oi! - Punk & Skin la historia continua
Curasbun Oi! - Un Solo Crew
Curasbun Oi! & Kaos Urbano (Split) - A la salud de los muertos
Direttiva 16 - Questa Citta
El Odio Oi! - Violenta El Estado
Frontkick - Guitars And Crime
Frontkick - Streetpunk Rebels
Guardia Negra - Adrenalina
Guerrilla Oi! - Guerrilla Oi!
Hell Beer Boys - Mi Crew
Hell Beer Boys - Ratas Del Oria
Hors Controle - Pour tes freres
Indaptats - Critica Social
Keltoi! - Casco Vello
Krum Bums - The Sound
Kaos Urbano - El Orden del Kaos
kaos Urbano - Falasa Democracia
Kaos Urbano - No Hay Vuelta Atras
Kaos Urbano - Son Escoria
Lower Class Brats - rather Be Hated Than Ignored
Lower Class Brats - The New Seditionaries
Les Partisans - Les Partisans
Les Partisans - Sono Mondiale
Nabat - Generazione 82
Nabat - Nati Per Niente
Nabat - Scenderemo Nelle Strade (EP)
Nabat - Un altro giorno di gloria
Noise&Oi! - Noise & Oi!
Oil!ers - Street Tunes For The Boys
Oil! - The Glory Of Honour
Opció K-95 - Cap Oportunitat
Opció K-95 - Mai Morirem
Opcio K-95 - Terra Cremada
Ostiada Oi! - Behin Betiko
Pilseners - Acer Roent
Prowlers - Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Puntas De Acero - Justica Popular
Proletarios Oi! - Oi sin fronteras
Poeblers Und Gesocks - Es War Einmal (Part1)
Poeblers Und Gesocks - Es War Einmal (Part2)
Razzapparte - Servi O Ribelli
Razor Bois - Demo
Runnin Riot - Reclaim The Streets
S-Contro - America Assassina
Subhumans - Demolition War
Subhumans - From the Cradle to the Grave
Subhumans - The Day The Country Died
Subhumans - Worlds Apart
Skama La Rede - La Nuesa Hestoria
Seein Red - This CD Kills Fascists
SS Kaliert - Dsklation
SS-Kaliert - Demotape
Vozintierra - Eejercito Anti-nazi
Zartako - Ohorea eta harrotasuna
Zartako - Zartako


+ Guerrilla oi! - Sabeis Contar

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