Red Alert & Produzenten der Froide - Split CD (2010)

Red Alert & Produzenten der Froide - Split CD (2010)
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Demencials, the - Per tu... (2009)

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* Next Saturday (30.10.) will 5MDR release new single "Questo Ideale" which will be available for free download at myspace.

* The Freebooters are 27.10. releasing CD "Ordinary Level Oi!" and if you'll buy it in pre-order at Distro-Y Records you will get it only for 5€. (only 3days left ;)

Free download:
Fullback 89 - Start from Scratch EP


Music Update

Keltoi! - A Nosa Cinza (2010)
Oi! se Arma - Viernes 8 de Agosto - 23-30 (CDEP, 2010) |buy|
Woody Cunts - Fuori Dal Branco (2010) |buy|
Les Kamioners du Suicide recorded new EP and if you are curious how they sound like after that years in my music folder you can get their live from the last year - 2 new and 2 old songs (Live in Florac, 2009).
Komando Itinerante - Demo
Jungle Urbaine - Démo
Midnight Rovers, the - Suburb Rock'n'Roll (2010) |buy|
Medef Inna Babylone - Requiem Pour Un Barron (2005)
Medef Inna Babylone - Timeo Patronas Et Dona Ferentes (2003)

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Young Soul Rebel + technical update

As first here's some technical info - Rapidshare was again "upgrading" their service and from Linklists disappeared descriptions of stored files. It makes it unusable so since now I will add all uploads to linklist directly on this blog. For that purpose I created page "Music folder". Nevertheless inactive links won't be removed automatically - if you'll find some dead links, you may report that in comment on the same page (and also ask for reupload).
The good new is, that whole October (resp. up to 150GB traffic) will be files on rapid switched to Traffic Share. That means you can download without limits - if you miss some album there's is chance to get it now.

And when I was already in that I also upadted "Labels" link section - removed some longer inactive and added few new (in left sidebar).

And here are 2 new albums:

Young soul RebelYoung Soul Rebel - Black clouds and no tears (2010)
(download directly from their site or with 1 bonus track - cover of the Warzone's "In the mirror" - from Music folder) - or get it from Redstar73 or Rusty Knife

Maladie - Demo (2010)

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución