Music Update, Oi!

Reneix from Opció K-95 is out - here you can find english lyrics from that album and if you want it whole and nice packed you can buy it at Redstar73.

They also made videoclip for song "Terra de sang". Check it.

Opinió Pública - Miserable (2010) |buy|
Bootstroke & Jungle Fever - Pride of Athens (Split, 2010) |buy|
Ol'Cunts - Rock'n'Roll Bastards (LP, 2007)
Kroska - Punk Ska Même Combat (2009)
Class Assassins, the - You've Got It All Wrong (2010) |buy|
Bad Bloods, the - The Brew Sessions (2007) |buy|
Kreuzfeldt Jacob (Oi!, Punk, France) - A Nous l'Elysée
Boxing Dogs & NONE - Sp(l)it In Your Face (Split, 2010)
Strangedz - Demo
Band Del Cazzo -presa diretta- (some time ago I uploaded from them some tracks entitled "live" - it wasn't live but only rehearsal recorded with mic.. Now here is 6 studio songs)

Free Download:
Super s Karamelom - Prazne Priče (2009)

Other - War postage stamps:
I already posted here a link to pretty large gallery of posters fom spanish civil war. Now here's the same era but different medium - gallery of war postage stamps.
(At Memòria Digital de Catalunya there is also one gallery of war posters - maybe you'll find some, you haven't seen yet. Btw. - if you want to see that images whole and not cropped, just rewrite parameters in url...)

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