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Обыкновенный фашизм / Ordinary Fascism (1965)

Audio: Russian, German, Chinese(?)
Subtitles: Spanish

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¡Ay, Carmela! (1990)

Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: English, French

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Free downloads:
Askatasuna's new album - Nuestro Barrio (2008)

Klowns - Klowns (2006)
- download from Last.fm

Los Carronheros - Asalto A La Kultura (EP 2008)

Greek Punk
From Greek bands there I know (and can recommend) only OMIXLH and Panx Romana and I've never had enough time to explore more, so If you have any tips, you're welcome...


Gavroche - Ragazzo Come Noi (2008)

Gavroche - Ragazzo Come Noi (2008)
Added to my folder:
(their older album at the same place ;)
You can buy it e.g. at Anfibio Records or Epidemic Records (5 €)

Gavroche myspace page


Skontra - Cantares pa dempues d'una guerra (2008)

Skontra - Cantares pa dempues d'una guerra (2008)
you can download from their official site
(alternatively use links in my folders...)
Skontra at myspace

Other Free Downloads:
La Pegatina - Al Carrer!  |   Dekrepits


Music - Oi!, HxC, Punk (update)


Anarchy Boys (pre Anarchy Jerks) - Oi! The Sound From Teenage
Rebel Boots - Niente Per Nessuno (2006)
Testikulos De Jehova - Testikulos De Jehova
Faktor De Riesgo - Demo (2005)
The Parias - Live
A Sangre Fria - Cuando Las Tinieblas Caen (2006)
Urban Navahos (Punk, Dub) - No Buzz Sucker
Agent 86 (Punk) - Discography
Agent 86 + Urban Navahos - Split EP

Free Downloads:
Alabaix - Dialectica, Zikuta - Fills D'immigrants
Akto Reflejo - Punk Oi!

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (update)


AK-47 (Canada) - The Fucking Enemy (2005)
The Knockarounds - Demo (2005)
Influencia Violenta - Demo
Antisociali - Antisociali (2003)
Madlocks - Riot (2008)
Mouthguard - Born Out Of Disgust (2001)
Mouthguard & Hard x Times
Czolgosz - Liberation
Czolgosz - Guernica
Czolgosz & Anfo - Me Dan Asco
Czolgosz & Critica Radicala - So Mai Cares (2004)
Bull Brigade (ex Banda Del Rione) - Strade Smarrite (2008) (thanks to El Club De Los Magios)

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