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Ultima Brigada - Cáncer Social (2008)
(10€ at Anfibio (with postage included). Orders by e-mail (which he responds fast so there shouldn't be problems in case of problems :) Payments accepts only by post. But has a lot of good CD's (except operace artaban, dunno why he spreads these pricks). List of albums he distributes you can find in posts at anfibio blog)
Kattiva Reputazione - Qualcuno Ti Colpisce (2009)
Cattiva Reputazione - Cattiva Reputazione (2001)
Trapallada - 15.002 Espírito De Loita (2008)
Angry Brigade (CZ) - No Masters No Slaves (2008)
Artigo 19 - Anarco Distorçao (2009)
Up Yours (AR) - Maketa (2008)
Bastardos Oi! - Demo
Shots in the Dark - Spaghetti Skank! (2008)

Free Downloads:
Ugly Noise - Unfair Treatment
Arxidia - Akoma Ta Spame (2002)
Arxidia - Otan Ta Skatoneis (2000)
Tiempos Duros - Tiempos Violentos (Demo)


RedBanner - Una Altra Historia (2009)

Red Banner - Una Altra Història (2009)
Added to my folder - http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A


(At their myspace you can find download links for their previous albums)

Buy this album: Radikal Records | Redstar73


Oi!, Punk - Music Update


Direttiva 16 - Amore Precario
(their "Demo" and "Questa Citta" also in that folder)
Maltchiques - Demo (2004)
Street Kids - Démo (2008)
The Gags - Die For Freedom
Embuskade - Embuskade (Ska-Punk, France)
Haine - Mai Piu
Lecsa Punk - Rémálom (2000)
Corva - Tensium Skiu
Colt Turkey - Christmas Sucks! (EP) (sxe hardcore)

Lyrics from Zartako's last album translated into english >>here<<


T-Shirt Stencil: Zartako

Zartako - Sangre por SangreI haven't posted some t-shirt stencil for a long time but today is the right opportunity to fix that. New album from Zartako - Sangre por Sangre - just hit the streets, so here are two t-shirt motives with Zartako (both their own just enlarged, vectorized and some minority fixes.. - ready for low-cost printing). With that 2nd motive (16) there may be problems with printing that roses - it depends on skills and type of print. You can also check out their official t-shirt.

The new album costs 9€ and you can buy this at Redstar73. (should be distributed also by Mai Morirem Crew but they have new site and actually it's not working well for me..). Unfortunatelly there's no "22 answers to our enemies" but what... 10 hard may be as efficient as 22 soft.
Sangre x Sangre!

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To my folder I just added Skuds and Panic People - Lachez les Bombes (2009).
They'll perhaps put it later for download on their site - now there are only their older albums...


Music - Update

Splinter - Sick To The Stomach (EP 2006)
(from their site you can download also their first Ep)
Puño Obrero - Skinhead (Demo, 2007)
Ремонт (Remont) - Alkoholipsis (Demo 2006)
Ремонт (Remont) & Counterbuff - Split (2008)
La Banda Dekae - La Banda Dekae
Artigo 19 - Artigo 19 (2008)
(these are just some acoustic versions - ! very boring if you don't understand portuguese...)
Zona de Distensión + Desarme - Contra las guerras No hay quien resista (2004)
V.A. - Reds Strike The Blues - A Tribute To The Redskins (2005)
( -> tracklist)
Voodoo Zombie - Voodoo Zombie (2008)

Free Downloads:
Xopapo - 1st album
Desetxos De Ayer - Tirando A Dar
Milkanuten - Demo
Les SkartOi! - Demo

Documentary - The World Of Skinhead (1995)
(in english)
Direct Download
@Google Video

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