Hell Beer Boys - Heroes De La Noche (2010)

Hell Beer BoysHell Beer Boys - Héroes De La Noche (2010)

You can buy this album at Tiendaskizo or at other places mentioned here

And if you wan to hear it first, you can download this album from my folder:

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Desperta Ferro video & music update

Desperta Ferro - Els Bons Temps 1999-2009
(videos from concerts from years 2003-2008 ; >>tracklist<< )
Download from: megaupload or ifolder
(taken from CD/DVD L'Alba D'Un Nou Jorn which you can get here and you will get some more videos + 2 inedited and rerecorded songs)

Music Update
Contra as Cordas - Por Vós (Demo, 2010)
Fill sor I Knout, the - Tu Fin Será Ignorado
16 Familia - Demo
Veteranos de Guerra - Demo (2009)
Skapulaire - Folklore Du Quotidien
Betty Boots - Carpe Diem (2009)
Hell To Pay - Truth, Honor, Family (2008)
Falkon Kresta - Solo Hay Un Camino
Le Mors Aux Dents (Oi!, France) - 1000 Raisons de Gueuler (198x)
Kids of the Streets - Under Attack (2010)
Linea de Fuego - Miedo al Fracaso (2010)
(VBR V0 in my folder, uncompressed WAVs on their myspace)

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¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución