Antifa - Chasseurs de Skins

Documentary "Antifa - Chasseurs de Skins" is since yesterday available to download "from" torrent - e.g. at TorrentPortal or Mininova (you can combine trackers from both). Nevertheless it's in French language with no subtitles.. DVD with english subtitles should be available in a 3 weeks at ResistanceFilms (at the moment there is only "no-subtitles" version).

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Update: English .SRT subtitles (OCR by redskins.ru)


Jeunesse Apatride - Larmes aux Poings (2008)

Jeunesse Apatride - Larmes Aux Poings (2008)
Added to my rapidshare folder:

official site
myspace page

Also you can buy it, e.g. at Fire&Flames or Madbutcher


A.C.A.B. - All Cops Are Bastards

Child Of God

"Police protect the rich
Uphold their fucking law
Police uphold the system
As they smash you to the floor
Because our so called freedom
Is nothing but a farce
Restrictions, lies and laws
Are rammed right up our arse"

Extreme Noise Terror - Bullshit Propaganda

Why Fuck The Police (crimethinc.com)

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Music Video
Red House Project - Per più di un milione
(Carlo Giuliani)
Wechekeche Ni Trawün - Matias Catrileo
(Chilean police shoot and kill a Mupache supporter)
(Colombian police attack, 15 y/o anarchist dead)

Police officer abusing an Immigrant and Greek citizen
Police Brutality Rampant
Streets Are Burninig, Cops too.
(alteranatively @youtube but you will need account there)

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Quick Update


Vecchio Scarpone - Sangue Sudore Lacrime (2007)
Final Prayer - Filling The Void (2008)

Pervertidos Elegantes - El semenator (2005)


There's something about C.G Jung ;)


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Los Calvos - Nuestra Libertad (2006)
Los Calvos - Tonico Para La Rumba(14+9 bonus live)
Press, The - The Complete Press - 1984-1994
(should be the first US Oi! band ;))
Lumpen Oi! - Lumpen Proletario (2005) (VIDEO)
Barafunda Total - Um Passo Para Crescer
Barafunda Total - Bem-vindos a Realidade

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (update)


Segona Opció - Segona Opció (2007)
Usual Suspects - Garvaghy Road
Usual Suspects - Sur Les Murs [download sample]
Jeune Seigneur - Démo [download sample]
Represalia - La Veu D´un Poble
Quartier Libre - L'espoir Fait Vivre (2007)
777 Bakunina - Demo (2005) [download sample]
Brigada de Porkeria
- Porkeria del Tercer Mundo
Sons Of Disgrace - Megademo (2006)
Lenino Prospektas & NetvarkOi! (Split 2006)
Adunata - Devi Resistere [download sample]
(previously I posted also their split with Antiruggine (they have better sound there btw) - now it's already deleted but if somebody want to reupload this, write in comments...)

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