Update - Oi! Music


Comrade & Oi Polloi - Unite And Win (Live, 1988)
(I bought this at BBP Records, in tracklist there is listed 12 tracks from Comrade but at the tape there was actually just 10 songs, Oi Polloi are cut at the last song (but who cares about them anyway)
45 Adapters - Not One More Day (EP 2009)
(ripped at my old turntable - but you can get it easily at Longshot)
45 Adapters - Demo (2008)
M-16 - Demo (2009)
Subestimados - Espiritu De Lucha (2010)
Jonny Gerriwelt - Living With Class (2009)
210 - Первая Кровь (2009) (Pervaja Krov')
(members of Razor Bois, Old Style Values...)
Espiritu Callejero - Ensayo perdido
Birra Santa
(6 songs, not from their myspace.., maybe some demo - supposed to be from 2009)
Oi! The Arrase - 2009
(3 new song from them)
Takikardia Oi! (Bilbao) - Maqueta
(8 songs, 1 song from this demo is missing, I couldn't find it..)
Kids Of The Streets - Still Stand (EP 2009)
Tempo Di Rivalsa (Oi!, Italy) - Verona Belongs To Me (2004)
Figli di Alex - Never Betray This Friendship (2007)
Rude Gones - Nulle Part Ou Aller (2009)
Guacamaya - Fino All'ultimo Bandito (2009)

Deal, the - Cutthroat (2004)
Deal, the - Who's Pulling Your Strings (2002)
Deal, the - Yesterday, Today & Forever (2001)
La Kaputxa - La Kaputxa

Free Download
Má Sorte - Demo (2009)
Гневъ - Тебе решать! (2009)
(Gnev' - Tebe reshat')

And few truths from the life
50 rules traditional skins should follow


Oi! Music update

As first one note - lately I have less time and thus are my posts less often so if you don't want to check this site I reccomend you to use RSS or now you can subscribe via e-mail - enter your e-mail address to the form on the left and if it is working right you will get a notification whenever I'll update this blog. Also don't forget my secondary folder where are moved older albums - http://rapidshare.com/users/6IA9TH


OfisboyzOfisboyz - Bosphorus Pride (2009)
Division d'Honneur (members of Brigada Flores Magon, Bolchoï..) - Live (2006)
Gli Ultimi - Gli Ultimi (2009)
Beta 36 - Demo (2008)
Skin Disease - Pride On The Streets (2003)
Skin Spirit - Semper Fidelis (2007)
Next Round - Мои Убеждения (Moi Ubezhdenija) (2008)
Ничего Хорошего (Nichego horoshego) - Demo (2009) (7 new tracks...)
No Heads (Oi!, Russia) - EP (2009)
Keine Engel - Demo (2008)
N.F.R. (Oi!, Italy) - Official Bootleg
Abskins - Horror Oi! (Demo 2006)
Boots With Pride - Demo
Class War Kids, the - Reflection! Rage! Rebellion! (2009)
Prisoners - La Solita Realta (2004)

Other & Free Downloads:
Bandera Negra (BCN) - 3 new tracks
Steel Boots - Para Tí (2008)
A Cuchillo! - Estilo a Muerte (2009)
Punkrees - Jack-in-the-box (Demo 2008)
Birla!!! - Xeic! (2009)
Division Bolchoi - Live 2009 (Division d'Honneur, Bolchoï) (from keponteam.org)


Oi! Update


Rear Gunners - We Don't Want No Nazi Skins (EP 1999)
(I ripped this at my antique turnatble, no denoise etc.. If you don't like it (or if you like it :) you can get this at Runnin' Riot)
Frode (Oi!) - Giustizia Proletaria (Demo, 2007)
Redkick - Demo (2005)
Skarmento - Skarmento (2009)
Brigadir + Krasnyj Gorizont - Split (2008) 44kHz
(If you get this previously from me it was downsampled to 22,5 kHZ and the sound was awful.., this sounds better)
Contingent Anonyme - Toujours la
Zensurats - Bastardo
Zensurats - Punk'n'Destroi! (Demo CD)
Gonna Get Yours - The Hidden Side Of Hapiness (2009)
Headliners, the - EP (2009)
V.A. - Oi! l'album (2009)
(unreleased tracks from bands at Un Vie Pour Rien?)
Mouthguard - Drongos For Europe - Split
Voice of Hate - Heroes and scum (2007)

Desperta Ferro new CD is out and I can only reccomend it. Here is list of what you'll get on DVD if you'll buy it (at Redstar 73, MM Crew or Radikal Records). And if you'll just download it somewhere here are lyrics translated to english.


Update - Oi!, Hardcore, Punk


Ennecibbi - Na Cosa Brutta (2009)
(didn't find any info about this album, don't even know its name, I just got it - it has 11 tracks, probably released this year and it's pretty good so enjoy..)
Fate 2 Hate - Fight for Yourself (Demo)
Unarmed Riot - Workingclass (2007)
(their part from split CD with Uitschot)
Aqui y Ahora - Los Condenados A Luchar (2006)
Abrasione (Oi! Core) - Odio (Demo 2003)
P.E.G'S, the - Let's Noise (2006)
Rentenir - Hooligan Take Over (2004)
Uguaglianza - Nessuno mai ricordera (2009)
V.A. Echo En Alkorkon - Alkorkon Antifascista
Bunkum - Dog's Life (2007)
Bunkum - Still Drunk (2005)

Free Downloads:
Etxale Apio!!! - Demo
Under 18 - Loyalitas (2007)
Atrako - Live

Товарищ Карма (Tovarisch Karma)
>>More Info<<
Videoclip "Умри, Капитализм!" (Die, Capitalism!)
Their 3 ever recorded songs download >>here<<
Memeber's later projects:
Post-punk: Лисичкин Хлеб (Lisichkin Hleb)
Experimental hip-hop: Трёп (Tryop) - Теория Беглых Роботов (2007) (Teorija Beglyh Robotov)

History of the 3 arrows - article from "La Nariz Roja" zine
(in spanish ofkóz)

Desperta Ferro will in October release their new CD "L'Alba d'un nou Jorn" and DVD "Els Bons Temps 1999-2009". You can listen two songs from this at their myspace -> http://www.myspace.com/despertaferro


Another update


Oi! Kids - Se acerca la hora (2007)
(Bought this at Skinpride.net - ignore that 15€ for postage outside spain if you'll use their web for placing your order - postage rates are calculated individually and it's 5€ for 1 CD (in EU) (check the official rates) and if you'll get over 25€ with your order it's cheaper. Perhaps rather use email for your orders. Seems that speaks only spanish (resp. not english)
Red Card - Герои спальных районов (2009) (Geroi spal'nyh rajonov)
(You should buy this if it will get to europe - money go for advocate for vocalist)
Sociedad de Resistencia - Si Algún Día
Controllo a Distanza - Il Disagio Non e Reato (2006)
Guerilla - Chapter IV. Emancipation (2009)
Lager33 (Oi!) - Violencia, Futbol y Cerveza
Okupats (Ska) - Ocupats, Pero no Vençuts (2001)
Puta Guerilla - Lutte (2007)

Free downloads:
What We Feel - Our 14 Words (2009)
(WWF on euro tour in Sept/Oct, euro edition of this CD with some bonuses in Jan 2010)
(except "До Конца" which appears on this album has Moscow Death Brigade two other new songs - you can download them here -> mediafire.com/?nzu4mzgmlgz)
Komando Puta España - Demo
Song "Ti Odio" from Razzapparte's prepared new album

Punysfora recorded new album Coratge! and it's pretty catchy. From my folder you cand download their demo from 2004 and at their myspace you can listen to songs from this new album. You can buy it at Mai-Morirem (10€) or at Redstar73 (8€) (and if you'll visit Redstar73 you should check also monthly specials - almost 100 records with 43% - 56% original price off).

Translated lyrics:
Opció K-95 - Terra Cremada
(translated to English and Portuguese(?) - at the last page)
Brigada Oi! - Ni un paso atras... La lucha continua!
(translated to English)


Violent Cops & Sezione Ribalta - Split (2009)

Violent Cops & Sezione Ribalta - Split (2009)


4 tracks each

added to my folder:


Summer update, Oi!

Paricide 51 (Oi!) - Démo
Banned From The Pub - Live Valence (2009)
Kinkinela - Mala Hierba Nunca Muere (2009)
22 Long Riffs - Demo
Sudamerica Oi! - Skinhead Sudamericano (2005)
Full Time Skins - Red Skins And Proud
Hell To Pay - The Not So High-life
No Heads (Oi!) - EP (2009)
Rude Riot (Oi!) - Продукт системы (2009)
(Produkt sistemy)
Granata Groul - Straight Edge (2005)

Following are in my second folder:
Totalalitär - Gia Ena Aurio... (2008)
S-Molest - Ao! The Album (2009)
Дружината ВЕП (Druzinata V.E.P.) - Demo
Babylon Fighters - Historik 85-88
Babylon Fighters - Position Crash
Babylon Fighters - Shut Up, Don't Shutdown

Free Downloads:
TrOi! - Ne Térdelj Le! (2009), Ne Válts Irányt! (2008) + both previous
-> http://troimp3.atw.hu/
Kolere Noire - Demo 7 Titres (2008)

The Redskins - Beating The Blues (1984)
The video was shot at two Redskins gigs - January 5th 1984, Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London and January 20th 1984 at the NE London Polytechnic. It features five Redskins songs as well as interviews with the band and audience. Billy Bragg is interviewed in three seperate clips and Wiggy once.
Watch @vimeo | @google video
Download from filebase.to | megaupload.com

Smegma - Live 2008
download links -> pankrotz.blogspot


Oi! Music - updated


Tentative 02 Suicide - Liberté (2009)
Kerhun - La Voix Des Travailleurs (MCD 1998)
("oi communiste old-school" - interview No.1 | No.2 )
Guiness Boys, the - El Pacte (2008)
V.A. - Akoplado Boi!na Records
(No Hay Orden, Rebel Tones, Barra Brava - 5 songs each)
Yuka - Demo (2006)
Ten Hole Bootboys - Strictly For The Streets EP (2008)
Akuma (CAN) - ...Des Cendres et du désespoir (2006)
Akuma (CAN) - 100 demons (2001)
Akuma (CAN) - Subversion (2004)
Cinque Minuti Di Rivolta - Stato Di Allerta (2008)

Free downloads:
Crâne d’Obus - Live 18.10. 2008
Cuando fuimos hombres
Km. 0 (Demo)
Skalpel - Résister c'est vaincre Vol.1 (2009)


Los Fastidios - All'Arrembaggio (2009)

Los Fastidios
Los Fastidios - All'Arrembaggio (2009)

Added to my folder:


If you want to buy this, in this case it shouldn't be problem to find it in your nearest distro. Or you can just google for it.


Двадцатые - Демо (2009)

Двадцатые (Dvadcatye) - Демо (2009)
Dvadcatye - Logo

For now I found this only in Riot Style distro (which is in Russia..)

Added to my folder
-> http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A

I beg to put here also the last comment from "Antifa - Chasseurs de skins" post, since it could be left unnoticed there. This is perhaps especially for french speaking visiting this blog:

Andries said...
"If somebody could give me the french transcription then i could translate it into english and then some antifa-computernerd could make the into subtitles."


And this is older, but I noticed already now...
Neonazi trying to trade mark the term "Hardcore"
More info -> de.Indymedia
in English -> FOEM/Blog

If I got it right it was already partialy approved, but better read yourself...
Current state of the case you can check here:
+ google translated version


Oi!, Punk - Updated

Kind of busy lately but here is another update:


Terrorist Gang (Oi! Core) - Fino Alla Vittoria (2004)
Old Style Values & Bystreet - ... В Наших Сердцах (2009)
Pubblico Oltraggio & Mess Mess Mess - Split (2008)
Ivan Drago's - Pavillon Noir (2007)
Oi! Mates - Vetkőzz Le Magadtól (2006)
Oi! Mates - Rude Rock And Roll (live)
RozpoR - ...Sú Úchilný Žido Bolševycký Feťáci!!! (2009)
Produzenten der Froide - Ready For Love (2009)
Gonna Get Yours - Demo (2006)
Adversion - Poder y Gloria (2008)
(real 256 kbit)
Adeptos Vehementes - Demo (2007)
(complete - 8 tracks)

I also uploaded lyrics from A.S.C.O - Por Un Infierno... translated into English
download here



Kubotan, Yawara, Self-Defense sticks

Mickey - jawara;Kubotan, Jawara, Dulo-Dulo .. whatever you call it - self defense sticks. Here are 2 training videos, some e-books and 2 videos from seminars....

1) Training Videos
* Yawara Jitsu - Yawara, Kubotan
(it's DVDrip of this video)
1 | 2 | 3
>>Download links<<

* Pocket Stick (by Ted LucayLucay)
- in english, but not too much talking - visual directed
1 | 2 | 3
>>Download links<<

2) E-Books
Official Kubotan Techniques - Kubota and Peters
Mastering The Yawara (Kubotan)
I uploaded also some other e-books and papers generally conected with that (pressure points) and some other combat training e-books
-> all of them you can find here

3) Videos from seminars

* Yawara
- in russian language
1 | 2 | 3
>>Download links<<

* Kubotan
- in italian language
1 | 2 | 3
>>Download links<<

(Previously related - Expandable baton training video and Krav Maga instructions videos)

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Update - Oi!, Punk, Hardcore


Tentative 02 Suicide - A La Mort, A La Vie (2006)
Attentat Sonore - Syndrome De Stockholm (2008)
Attentat Sonore - Barricades 1905 (EP, 2006)
AK-47 (CAN) - Now You'll Know (1997)
(Red Anthem (1999), Free Palestine (2003) and The Fucking Enemy (2005) already in folder..)
Try To Win - All Is Illusion (2005)
Thorpedians, the - Reggae Of A Mass Destruction (EP, 2006)
P38 Punk - Vittime E Carnefici (2008)
Oi! Squad - Loud And Proud (EP 2008)
Juventude Maldita - Germinal (2006)
Divisió 29 - Directe al Cau d'en Mata (2005) (Live, 10 tracks)
Last Line Of Defense - Live (2005) + 9x Bonus
CDT! - Best Of Demos
CDT! - Gerart - Oi! Wave Of Life

Free Downloads
Marcando Calavera - Demo (2008)
F.D.C. - Demo (2008)
Code D’Éthique - La Pyramide Des Affranchis (2003)


Oi! Music Update

Punysfora - Maqueta D'Assaig (2004)
Tulamort (ex Ya Basta!) - Tulamort (2008)
TrOi! - Rock’n’roll (2007)
TrOi! - Üresség (2006)
Sezione Ribalta - Fai su ki deppisi fai (2007)
Sezione Ribalta - Di Po Di (2005)
Roots Rock Rebel - Soli Su Una Croce
Roots Rock Rebel - 29 Luglio
K.I.LL - Kolumna Internacionalista Llobregat (2007)
Bretel - From Oi! To Skinhead Reggae
Bretel - Working Class Skinhead

And following go directly to my secondary folder:
Spaghelli - Spaghelli (2003)
Spaghelli and the Dogbytes - The Storm (EP 2007)
Marxman - 33 Revolutions Per Minute (1993)
Che: Chapter 127 - Martyrs For Monuments (2004)
Che: Chapter 127 - Profit Prophet


Oi!, Punk, Ska - Music Update


ultima brigada logo
Ultima Brigada - Cáncer Social (2008)
(10€ at Anfibio (with postage included). Orders by e-mail (which he responds fast so there shouldn't be problems in case of problems :) Payments accepts only by post. But has a lot of good CD's (except operace artaban, dunno why he spreads these pricks). List of albums he distributes you can find in posts at anfibio blog)
Kattiva Reputazione - Qualcuno Ti Colpisce (2009)
Cattiva Reputazione - Cattiva Reputazione (2001)
Trapallada - 15.002 Espírito De Loita (2008)
Angry Brigade (CZ) - No Masters No Slaves (2008)
Artigo 19 - Anarco Distorçao (2009)
Up Yours (AR) - Maketa (2008)
Bastardos Oi! - Demo
Shots in the Dark - Spaghetti Skank! (2008)

Free Downloads:
Ugly Noise - Unfair Treatment
Arxidia - Akoma Ta Spame (2002)
Arxidia - Otan Ta Skatoneis (2000)
Tiempos Duros - Tiempos Violentos (Demo)


RedBanner - Una Altra Historia (2009)

Red Banner - Una Altra Història (2009)
Added to my folder - http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A


(At their myspace you can find download links for their previous albums)

Buy this album: Radikal Records | Redstar73


Oi!, Punk - Music Update


Direttiva 16 - Amore Precario
(their "Demo" and "Questa Citta" also in that folder)
Maltchiques - Demo (2004)
Street Kids - Démo (2008)
The Gags - Die For Freedom
Embuskade - Embuskade (Ska-Punk, France)
Haine - Mai Piu
Lecsa Punk - Rémálom (2000)
Corva - Tensium Skiu
Colt Turkey - Christmas Sucks! (EP) (sxe hardcore)

Lyrics from Zartako's last album translated into english >>here<<


T-Shirt Stencil: Zartako

Zartako - Sangre por SangreI haven't posted some t-shirt stencil for a long time but today is the right opportunity to fix that. New album from Zartako - Sangre por Sangre - just hit the streets, so here are two t-shirt motives with Zartako (both their own just enlarged, vectorized and some minority fixes.. - ready for low-cost printing). With that 2nd motive (16) there may be problems with printing that roses - it depends on skills and type of print. You can also check out their official t-shirt.

The new album costs 9€ and you can buy this at Redstar73. (should be distributed also by Mai Morirem Crew but they have new site and actually it's not working well for me..). Unfortunatelly there's no "22 answers to our enemies" but what... 10 hard may be as efficient as 22 soft.
Sangre x Sangre!

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To my folder I just added Skuds and Panic People - Lachez les Bombes (2009).
They'll perhaps put it later for download on their site - now there are only their older albums...


Music - Update

Splinter - Sick To The Stomach (EP 2006)
(from their site you can download also their first Ep)
Puño Obrero - Skinhead (Demo, 2007)
Ремонт (Remont) - Alkoholipsis (Demo 2006)
Ремонт (Remont) & Counterbuff - Split (2008)
La Banda Dekae - La Banda Dekae
Artigo 19 - Artigo 19 (2008)
(these are just some acoustic versions - ! very boring if you don't understand portuguese...)
Zona de Distensión + Desarme - Contra las guerras No hay quien resista (2004)
V.A. - Reds Strike The Blues - A Tribute To The Redskins (2005)
( -> tracklist)
Voodoo Zombie - Voodoo Zombie (2008)

Free Downloads:
Xopapo - 1st album
Desetxos De Ayer - Tirando A Dar
Milkanuten - Demo
Les SkartOi! - Demo

Documentary - The World Of Skinhead (1995)
(in english)
Direct Download
@Google Video


Insurgence Records Party


Blackout Brigade, The - Death and Dishonesty (2009)
Knockarounds, The - Knocked Around (2009)
(in 128 kbit, 227 kbit @ Punkrockoi)
Prowlers, The - Live in Toronto (2009)
Oppressed, The - Live in Toronto (2009)
Oppressed, The - The Insurgence EP (2007)
Final Four - Final Four (2004)
Fighting Chance (CAN) - Party Lies (2007)
Class Assassins, The - No Justice... No Peace (2007)

>> Insurgence Records <<


Brigadir + Krasnyj Gorizont - Split (2008)

Бригадир & Красный Горизонт - Brigadir & Krasnyj GorizontБригадир & Красный Горизонт - Split
Brigadir's myspace

Each band has 5 tracks (Brigadir's tracks are only that already released as their demo...)

Added to my folder ->


Just added also Standback - Citylights (Demo, 2008)


Music - Oi!, Ska, Punkrock


Reação - Alcool Oi! E Baderna (Demo + Live 2005)
Paranoi 13 - Ctrl C - Ctrl V - New Demo, 10 tracks (2008)
Linea De Fuego (Montesa) - Demo (2008)
I.D.P. - Istituzioni di Diritto Proletario
Les Fous Du Roi - Demo
Okupats - Alcem-nos Tots
Blutiger Osten - Hinterland (2008)
Blutiger Osten - Frontlieder
Union Jack - This Is Rock'n'Roll (2002)
Union Jack - We Are The Wolves (2003)
Union Jack - You don't really know who I'm (2004)
Union Jack & The Gerbs - Split (2007)

I also added new version of Gomeru - Bales De Rabia (2008) - if you could hear glitches in previous version and you mind that....

Free Downloads:
Complot Soviet - Muerte Al Capital !! (Demo)
FalaNoNcaduca - En llingua afilada (Demo 2009)
Skarpretter - Skarpretter
Skarpretter - Ammunition LP
Skarpretter - Demo
Strike - Dead & Gone (2008)
Angry Lumpens - Реальность & Жить Стало Лучше (2008)
Les Neurones en Folie - 18 Grands Airs Populaires De & Par Les NEF + Dancing
Ostbrut - Ostbrut Rockshow (EP 2008)
Ostbrut - Dönerpunk komplett! (CD 2007)
Ostbrut - Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm (Demo 2006)
Grito Libertario - Ideales Inmortales

Interview with Gum Bleed who should release their album this year


Music - Oi!, Punk (update)

So, I had some longer rest but if you are still visiting this blog here we go again:

Военное Положение - Демо (2008)
(Voennoe Polozhenie - Demo)
Apostoloi - Demo 2 (2006)
Les Orties - Démo (2003)
Klasova Omraza - Demo
Plastic Guns - Dead End Citizens
Komando Antifascista - Demo
Operation - Frihet
Operation - Civil Olydnad
Gozzilla E Le Tre Bambine Coi Baffi - Al Bar Dei Leoni
Les Partisans - Le Spectre Danse Encore (EP)
Operation - Destruktiv Utveckling LP

And if you are missing some recent albums:
Maldito Payaso - 1st album
@ Archive.org
Maldito Payaso - Realidad Poblacional
@ Google

Urban 69 - Siempre Adelante
@ El Club De Los Magios

Hopefuly next post comes faster than this but who knows....

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución