Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)

Another update after longer time...


Zartako - Ordainduko Duzue
(Although they are also from Euskal Herria (and I think that they are actually both from Bilbo), it is not the hardcore Oi! band Zartako, they play more plain Oi!... Some sample mp3s you can find here (bottom of the page)
Pressure Point - Resist And Riot (2007)
The A.Y.I.L.A.R (some 15 tracks)
Guerilla Poubelle - Punk = Existentialisme (2007)
and some hip-hop
AK-47 - Fuori Dal Centro (Italian old school hip hop)
Assalti Frontali - Mi Sa Che Stanotte (2006)
Assalti Frontali - Banditi

And cos it is christmas time, you should bear in mind, that ->click<-


Non Servium - El Imperio Del Mal (2007) (Final Remaster)

12 tracks with final remaster, released 1.12. For now I have found it only at Fire&Flames shop...
But for sure you can DL it also from my RS.com folder before it gets tou yours local distros.



Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Železná Kolóna - My sa trosiek nebojíme... (2007)
(in the archive there are also their lyrics translated into english..)
Edelweiss Piraten - Pořád Dole
(not the band from Olsztyn [in Poland] but from Otrokovice [in the Czech rep.], btw about the Edelweißpiraten movement at >>libcom.org<<)
Rozpor - Organizovaný punk (2004)
Prima Linea Skinheads + 4b-Union - Italy vs Japan (2004)

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución