Sources: Video

Perhaps you now some of them, maybe all of them, maybe not..

use search according your interests...
*Brightcove.tv (searches also at Youtube and Google video)
e.g. try search for "Spanish Civil War"
+ here are some prepared playlists Anarchist history or (again - it´s late and I´m out of fresh ideas ;-) ) Spanish Civil War (documentaries here are in Spanish but if you click "Browse video list" you will see documentary "The Daily War" - this one is with English subtitles)
*Google Video
*Live Leak e.g. try search for "Plan Colombia" (here you can watch documentary "about the first U.S. oil war of 21th Century" or take a look here for a shorter version (politics really know what people need. But this wouldn´t be about helping anyway, so what..)

*RebeldeMule - (perhaps the best one) not only P2P links; Movies, Documentaries...
(if you will need subtitles try to search here - Subbiee.com - searches in multiple subtitles sites and languages)
*One Big Torrent -> "OneBigTorrent.org is a new place for sharing material that deals with or is relevant to issues of social justice, progressive and radical politics, independent media, ecology. We run a local bittorrent tracker (which we encourage uploaders to use), and we also host torrents from other trackers, as well as ed2K and Magnet links."
*Soviet Movies - ED2K links and direct downloads (but direct downloads for non-russian IPs only from 4 to 10 AM (or so) of the Moscow time) (here you can download for example Idi i Smotri (Иди и смотри) - for this there are also (at least) english subtitles) or Piry Valtasara, ili noch so Stalinym (Пиры Валтасара, или Ночь со Сталиным)
+ for Italian speaking *NewGlobalVision

(Some vids are also at ChristieBooks - but my quicktime plugin is srewed up and I´m not going to fix it - so explore yourself..)

Since this post is about movies - Does anybody have documentary "Resistencia: Hip Hop in Colombia"? That suckers want 60USD for this on DVD...

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