Music - Update



La Gachette - ...Ne Renoncera Pas
La Gachette - En Route Vers Demain
Section Houblon - Demo (2006)
Aki No Keda Nadie - Demo (I put it also here but RS keeps it longer...)
Toro Bravo - Tavo vertybes (2007)
Aus Rotten - And Now Back To Our Programming
Endless Struggle - Till the end

I also uploaded some streetpunk, which I put it at Badongo:

Complete Control & Krum Bums - Death Can Wait
Frontline Attack - Mindless Violence
Monster Squad - All Out of Control
Krum Bums - As The Tide Turns (2006)

>>Here<< you can download demo of Chilean Oi! band Los Corleones
and >>here<< the first album from Charles Bronson's Discipline
And today the last is HxC, Punk band from Bogota K-93 with their album >>Terapia<< and Japanese band from the 80´s The 4th International


¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución