Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Esclaves Salariés - Ca Augure Mal (2007)
Esclaves Salariés - Dur a battre (2003)
Chépa - Le Titre !! (2007)
Knuckledust - Promises Comfort Fools (2007)
The Fallout - Dismantlement (2007)
Generacion Rebelde - Condannati
Full Speed Ahead - All In Me (2007)
Full Speed Ahead - Born To Lose (2004)
Full Speed Ahead - Unchain The Chained (2002)


Expandable Baton - Video Training

Expandable Baton In (weapon) self-defense is an expandable baton quite good option - its effect is faster than gas, it´s not so dangerous for you as using a boxer or a gas-gun, it can be effective against stronger and cold-weapons armored aggressors (and aggressive dogs), has intimidate effect...

In the video there are some basics, cold weapons defense, fixation techniques and so on.. The video is visual oriented so it is quite language independent (some basic english subtitles are added into flash version).

You can watch the video online or download to your computer.
-> Expandable Baton - Video Training

Warning! Hitting vital zones (head) can cause serious injuries or death, strong hit in bone or joint can cause serious injuries - so be careful.
Using a weapons is the last option, you should always try to run (in case of armored attack) or fight without them.

(When you are going to buy this, there are hardened and not-hardened versions - hardened are more durable)

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Istinto Antifascista & Subculture Voice - Split (2005)
Short'n'Curlies - For Fuck's Sake
Prisoners Of War - Ciutat Vella (2005)
Gavroche - Santena Oi!
(Should be available for download also from their official pages but there are some problems)
Brigada Flores Magon - Tout Pour Tous (2007)
A Sangre y Fuego - Se ha escrito la historia
(Should be available for download also here, but it doesn´t work for me..)
Loikaemie - Loikaemie (2007)
Punishable Act - Infect (1994)
Punishable Act - Anti-vision (2004)
Punishable Act - Against The Stream (1999)

-> Realpolitik! (2007)
-> Intro5pect (2003)

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución