United Struggle - Trouble In The Neighbourhood (2012)

United StruggleUnited Struggle - Trouble In The Neighbourhood
official site | facebook | myspace
CD (12€) & other stuff at MadButcher rec.

A Ultranza - Demo (2012)

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* New release: Kroska ‎– L'Appel De La Oi!
14 songs, available via Rusty Knife, 8€. Here's one for preview. Previous album, Punk Ska Meme Combat, in music folder.
Kroska - Concert


Razzapparte - Tuscia Oi! (2010)

Razzapparte - Tuscia Oi!Razzapparte - Tuscia Oi! (2010)
Pinta Facile - ieri ...oggi (2012)
Strike Back - Still Holding On (2011)
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* Automatica Aggregazione - Automatica Aggregazione #2 (2012)
their last album - download in wav@soundcloud or in mp3@mediafire

* 6 of 12 somgs from Rude Riot new album is available for download at their bandcamp



Just one quick and brief. No time.

* Rebel Workers put for download their first album Juventud y Rebeldía. Download link on their facebook page.

* United Struggle are about to release new album Trouble in the neighbourhood. More info at Madbutcher rec. site. Don't forget to download sample song Stomper.

* Learn french or use translator and check this comment



Crève-Coeur - L'aube se lève toujours (2011)

creve Coeur logoCrève-Coeur - L'aube se lève toujours (2011)
Ex Les Partisans and Plastic Guns, available as CD (7€) or 10″ (8€)

Produzenten der Froide - Ich Scheiß auf euren Oi! (EP, 2012)
Somewhat old call connected with this release you can read @RASH Stuttgart blog (scroll down for english version). I don't know what is the current state of that case but I'm pretty sure, it won't hurt them if you'll buy this at Madbutcher (mp3 download available at Amazon)
Kaka Zaharra ta Bi Puzker - Lutxa y odio (demo, 2011)
Saldakoi - No escapes (2012)

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* 2 songs from Enraged Minority that will appear on their split EP with Streets of Rage @youtube
- Rude'n'Rebel and Chosen Family

* 7 songs from Dance Punk Oi! band Pom Pom Beretta are available for download at their facebook. Or from mediafire together with some older versions of their songs.


Music Update + Docu

Banditi Oi! - Demo (2011)
Erasoka - Itzalpetik (2011)
Fight To Life - Lo Que Piensas! (2012)
Disturbis (rehearsal)
(5 songs, unfortunately quite poor quality)
Guacamaya - Un Altro Mondo (2008)
(they have new album out, Il Sangue e la Polvere, available at Redstar73 or Rusty Knife)

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* Retaque put for download their songs from (still unreleased?) split with Demasiados Enemigos. Download @rapidshare. Stream @reverbnation (here also 3 new The Oppressed covers)

* New release: Hors Controle/Bullshit detector split 10"

* Documentary - Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia
It's hip-hop but not that kinder maxi king style. In fact it's not too much about hip-hop itself.. English subtitles.

"... a thought-provoking exploration of how young Colombians feel about the crisis afflicting their country. The film follows a summer in the lives of some of Colombia’s finest rappers, DJs and breakdancers. The film serves as an introduction to Colombia’s 40-year-old civil war, as seen through the eyes of those directly affected by it. It also gives an intimate insight into life in the barrios of a very volatile country, and how traditional Latino music is losing out to rap music. Entertaining, committed and enlightening, "Resistencia" offers a street level interpretation of current affairs in Colombia."


Senza Frontiere - Non c'è futuro senza memoria

senza frontiereSenza Frontiere - Non c'è futuro senza memoria (2011)
|available at Redstar73 or Rusty Knife (8€)|
Abskins - Kenobita Leszel (2006)
Trifulka - Askatasun Bidean (2009)
The Last Strength - Anaien Arteko Borroka (2012)

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* Prins Carl - Demo (2012)

* Red Howlers live - One song | One more song


T.W.A.T - Blood, Sweat and Teargas

TWATT.W.A.T - Blood, Sweat and Teargas (2011)
|buy this album|
22 Longs Riffs - A Bout Portant (2011)
|buy this album|
Herri Guda - Atzera Egin Gabe (Demo, 2011)

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* Hooligans Vlastar Band's demo CD is out and available at Rusty Knife. 2 songs for preview at their official site.

* Demosongs from Oi! core band Assalto at their youtube channel.


Bomber 80 - Cambia il Vento (2011)

Bomber 80 Bomber 80 - Cambia il Vento (2011)
ParanOi! (pre-Paranoï 13) - Seuls Contre Tous (Demo + Live 2006)
Zankadilla (Punkrock, Bilbao) - No Lo Aguanto Más
Bastardos - Ep (2006)

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* Streets of Rage published new song that should appear on their oncoming split EP and LP. Stay Rude @soundcloud

* Tulamort also finished recording new album and it should be out in March. Meantime two new songs at youtube:
Mata la muerte & Alerte

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución