T.W.A.T - Blood, Sweat and Teargas

TWATT.W.A.T - Blood, Sweat and Teargas (2011)
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22 Longs Riffs - A Bout Portant (2011)
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Herri Guda - Atzera Egin Gabe (Demo, 2011)

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* Hooligans Vlastar Band's demo CD is out and available at Rusty Knife. 2 songs for preview at their official site.

* Demosongs from Oi! core band Assalto at their youtube channel.


Bomber 80 - Cambia il Vento (2011)

Bomber 80 Bomber 80 - Cambia il Vento (2011)
ParanOi! (pre-Paranoï 13) - Seuls Contre Tous (Demo + Live 2006)
Zankadilla (Punkrock, Bilbao) - No Lo Aguanto Más
Bastardos - Ep (2006)

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* Streets of Rage published new song that should appear on their oncoming split EP and LP. Stay Rude @soundcloud

* Tulamort also finished recording new album and it should be out in March. Meantime two new songs at youtube:
Mata la muerte & Alerte

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución