Klasse Kriminale - The Rise and Fall of the Stylish Kids… Oi! una Storia (2010)

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Klasse Kriminale - The Rise and Fall of the Stylish Kids… Oi! una Storia (2010)
(And if you'll decide to buy this album in lmited edition, you can acquire also comic "Oi! una storia")

Dvadcatye - EP (2010)

One new videoclip:
Estandarte Oi! - Orgullo Rojinegro

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Pareisaktoi - Ragnarok (2010)
Actitud - ¡Dejadnos soñar!


Non Servium T-shirt Stencil

+ Music update bellow..

For mariguaneros de todos los calibres who can't afford some of the "official" Non Servium t-shirts (some at Redstar73 or at Sabandijas Streetwear) because they miss all the money on drugs and satanistic tools here is one you can cheaply diy.
In pack there are 2 versions - one for traditional diy (it's a bit simplified) and one for vinyl transfer or homemade screenprinting. Formats are .PNG as A4 (for smaller print) and 2xA4 + .EPS if you wanna choose the size yourselves. (and some guides for orientation in all that files)

|Download, 666 kB|

Non Servium T-shirt stencil

Music Update:
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AK47 - AK47 (2010) |buy|
Enraged Minority - Enraged Minority (2010) |buy|
Decoy 47 - Demo (10 tracks)

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución