Music - Punk, Oi! (update)


Hors Controle - Enfants Du Charbon (2008)
Tennentz Colombo - Nelle Nostre Vene (2007)
Tennentz Colombo - Demo (2004)
Skarnio - O Nosso Caminho (2008)
Skontra - Semeya de la Rabia (2006)
Oi! n'Ast - Sangre Y Fierru
Bandera Negra (Punk) - Por El Fin De Esta Agonía (2007)
(download also available from their offic. site)
Barricade Mentale & Von Bismark 007

The Giant Vs. Nazi Robot Dinosaur
Hippie Gang Vs. Wonder Woman (from 1969)
(Yep, this is the "spirit of the 69", some skins perhaps take these old US comics tooo serious )


Fight Fascism online - Antifa-gaming.de
(or google "translated" version)


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (update)


Last Strike - Dělnický Rock (2008)
Freiboiter (Stuttgart) - Party Pur (2001)
Wildcat Strike - Wildcat Strike (1998-2003)
Sector 69 - Oi! Contra el Fascismo (1996)
Edelweiss Piraten (PL) - Kolejne Ofiary Zmarnowanych Pieniędzy
Brotherhood - Fuck Racism, No Tolerance
Brotherhood - As Thick As Blood (1989)
Anti Squad - Indonesian Proud
La Gossa Sorda - Saó (2008)

Free Downloads:
Kome Mierda - Nuestra Patria El Mundo Entero (2004)
Shöck - Demo
(from some reason the download from their site doesn't work in FF so here is another option)


Ze History of ze Nazi


Music - Update (Oi!, Punk, HxC)

No penseis por mi
Hell Beer Boys - No Penseis Por Mi (2008)

(or buy)

Devorados Por El Odio - Devorados Por El Odio
V.A. - 1er Festival Alkorhooligans
* Oi! Kids
* Urban Class
* Rajando Timbales
* Devorados Por El Odio
- 7 tracks each -> tracklist
Violencia Violeta - Vivencia Violenta (2006)
Straight Opposition - Step by Step (2006)
Schwarzen Schafe - Chaos & Dogma

I also wanted to add this, but forgot:
Nucleo Terco - La comision de la estaca - CD Covers (with lyrics)
Mopkobb - Mopkobb (2008)
and at Hell Beer Boys's site you can download also their first album - Ratas del Oria


Update - Galleries, Comix, Music


el generalisimoTwo nice galleries at Flickr. Posters from Spanish civil war (not only posters but also some photos) and from Soviet Union. There are hundreds of posters in both, the resolution vary from something like 500x300 to 1200x800.

> Spanish Civil War <
> CCCP <

(btw, if you want to download certain poster, click "All Sizes" button above the image for full resolution ;)

|Superman - ed Son|
Red Son What if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union? Comic book from DC Comics. All 3 parts - Red Son Rising, Red Son Ascendant, Red Son Setting - you can download here.


Free Downloads:
Crit De Lluita - Guerra per la Terra (1998)
Askatasuna - Barricades, Cocktails et Pavés
Anarquia Positiva - @+ (LP, 1997)
Other Downloads:
Orreaga 778 - Orreaga 778 (2005)
Orreaga 778 - Bide Bakarra (2007)
And at PunkRockOi.blogspot.com you can find download links to:
Boikot - Amanecio (2008)
Lendakaris Muertos - Vine, Ví Y Me Vendí (2008)

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