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Banditi Oi! - Demo (2011)
Erasoka - Itzalpetik (2011)
Fight To Life - Lo Que Piensas! (2012)
Disturbis (rehearsal)
(5 songs, unfortunately quite poor quality)
Guacamaya - Un Altro Mondo (2008)
(they have new album out, Il Sangue e la Polvere, available at Redstar73 or Rusty Knife)

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* Retaque put for download their songs from (still unreleased?) split with Demasiados Enemigos. Download @rapidshare. Stream @reverbnation (here also 3 new The Oppressed covers)

* New release: Hors Controle/Bullshit detector split 10"

* Documentary - Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia
It's hip-hop but not that kinder maxi king style. In fact it's not too much about hip-hop itself.. English subtitles.

"... a thought-provoking exploration of how young Colombians feel about the crisis afflicting their country. The film follows a summer in the lives of some of Colombia’s finest rappers, DJs and breakdancers. The film serves as an introduction to Colombia’s 40-year-old civil war, as seen through the eyes of those directly affected by it. It also gives an intimate insight into life in the barrios of a very volatile country, and how traditional Latino music is losing out to rap music. Entertaining, committed and enlightening, "Resistencia" offers a street level interpretation of current affairs in Colombia."


Senza Frontiere - Non c'è futuro senza memoria

senza frontiereSenza Frontiere - Non c'è futuro senza memoria (2011)
|available at Redstar73 or Rusty Knife (8€)|
Abskins - Kenobita Leszel (2006)
Trifulka - Askatasun Bidean (2009)
The Last Strength - Anaien Arteko Borroka (2012)

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* Prins Carl - Demo (2012)

* Red Howlers live - One song | One more song

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución