Music - Punk, Oi! (update)


Mancha Negra - Punk Rock Operario
The Bois - Cream Of The Crops
Enboskada - Zilegi Al Da (2008)
Enboskada & Never Surrender (Split)
Kalashnikov - Oi! HxC, Galiza (5 tracks)
Без Изход - Demo (Oi!, Bulgaria)
Pirat's Sound Sistema - vol. II (2007)
Sloppy Livin - Miestas (2003)
Sloppy Livin - Niekas Neisgirs (2002)
Subestimados - (4 tracks + 1)
Nucleo Terco - La Comisión De La Estaca (2008)
(Complete Version)


Nucleo Terco - La Comision de la Estaca - 11 of 14

11 of total 14 tracks from their new album. The rest is coming soon (as I hope :) ) - or order at mm-crew.com or madbutcher.de

01 El mejor de los mundos posibles
02 Tres mujeres
03 Sturmovik
04 La larga marcha
05 La ley del combate
06 ...mal acaba
07 Largo es el camino
08 La comision de la estaca
09 Comparte es dolor
10 Lo tuyo es imposible - MISSING
11 Testa in giu
12 Pico, Pala, Zanja
13 Accion de castigo - MISSING
14 Muertos sin nombre - MISSING

added to my RS.com folder ->

EDIT: now added also complete version


Foobar2000 themes (for PanelsUI)

For those who don´t know - Foobar2000 is perhaps the best player for Windows (and it´s free) - if you don´t use it already, you can try it at least - Foobar2000.org. There is probably nothing you could miss when switching from your current palyer (native support of many formats, CD ripping, converting of audio formats and plenty of others - I usualy just play music so I don´t even know them all). And if you would still miss something then there is many of addons - e.g audioscrobbler for Last.FM etc.

So, I recently remaked a pair of Foobar2000 themes - for download links and some info of how to install them follow the link bellow. If you want to make some changes of them or directly make your own then it is not more difficult than editing CSS code.

>>>Info, screens & download links<<<

molotov, antifa
companero, rojo

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Music - Update


Gazapos - 08210 Antifa (2007)
Gazapos - Músicas Rebeldes (Maqueta '97)
Gazapos - Maqueta '95
Cartouche - Je trahirai demain
Cartouche - Concert a la miroiterie (2006)
Ex-Cathedra - 2x4=
Ex-Cathedra - Anaesthetized EP (1999)
Ex-Cathedra - Forced Knowledge
Filo Da Torcere - Filo Da Torcere
-> videoclip - Ricordi
Lion Shield - Against All Odds! (2007)

Ничего Хорошего - До Последней Капли Крови (2008)
(upload by Parapunx)

Sistema Sonoro Skartel put their first album on Jamendo for free download. You can download there also plenty of other albums - for expamle you can start with that SSS favorited.

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución