Maninblack - Fighting In The Streets/The NYC (There Will Always Be)

ManinblackManinblack (ex-The Press) has released a new demo single "Fighting In The Streets/The NYC (There Will Always Be)". It's available for download at his site. Should be followed by full length demo CD of so far unrecorded and never performed songs.

* The Payrolls - First Job (2011) + Demo (2010) was added to Music folder

* Somebody left here in the comments download link for M.N.S. - Buone Feste (2011). Right here.


Kapelle Vorwärts - Brot und Rosen (2011)

Kapelle Vorwärts - Brot und Rosen
Ex-members of Die Commandantes and with female appearance on vocal.
Available on CD (12€) or double EP (7€)


Download link

Other downloads:
Redstar73 Records Label Sampler - 2011
Trouz An Noz - Trouz an noz
The last year they released new album - Chome Taï which is available at Redstar73


Union Made - Alchemists (2011)

Union Made few days ago released their second album "Alchemists". Since today you can listen to the full tracks from this album on their bandcamp profile. The CD version of the album, with one bonus track (cover version of Injustice System from Sick of it all) you can get at Insurgence Records.

* When you'll be already on the bandcamp site, you can check there also 3 new songs from M.A.D. (Más Allá de los Dogmas) from their oncoming album. → madrockproletario.bandcamp.com

* And finally one new videoclip:
Gum Bleed - Civilization Crime


Music Update

I was quite busy last few months but now here's another music update. Only change made is, that files are now hosted on mediafire...

Maraboots - ST 7'' (2011)
(→ interview)
Kultúrkör - Demo (2006)
Mr. X Band, the - Maketa Del Sr. X (2008)
Trade Unions - Live C.P.A. Firenze (2006)
Strangedz - Lieto Fine (2011)
Strikers (Streetpunk, EH) - Gure Izaera (2011)
Chuche Ma Gaillette - Demo
(they have recently released split with Fabulous Bastards, which is available at Casual records)
Kavalkrade (Streetpunk, FR) - Demo
Pinta Facile - Attimi di Sconforto (2010)
Pintxos & Garimbas - ST (2008)
Vampires & Generacion Rebelde - Split (2003)

Download links

Free Download:
Kabal ... La révolte - Doujãns (2010) |buy|

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