The Higgins - Who the Fuck are you
Riot Brigade - Here´s Our Answer
Trapallada - Demo
North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty (2007)
Deskaroi - Demo (their profile, with no more info at the moment :) )
Ska´n´Ska - s/t (EP)
-> videoclip Ya Basta! - Live at the gg demonstartion >>here<<


Opozicion - Ruido insurgente
Splinter - Got A Feeling (EP)

|Internet Radios|

Radio*Radio Rebelde (max 3 listeners..)

*Radio Streets United
(Oi!, SKA, Hardcore, Streetpunk, Psychobilly)

*radio freFM "Kein Kommerz auf Megahertz"
>>Tune In<<

other radios at the *Free Radios In Germany (BFR) project-page

*Radio 1 (more bitrate modes here)
(Many different styles, depends on time and day of week..)


Skinheads USA - Soldiers of Race War

*at GoogleVideo
if you will have problems with this video there (as I had..), try to reload page or watch it

at Dailymotion.com
|Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Agresion - Sin Piedad (2007)
Agresion - No Vamos a Cambiar
Agresion - Directo
Madlocks - Pretty... bored (Demo)
Anarchoi - The First Incitement (2003)
Anarchoi - Unreleased (2005)
Anarchoi - You Don't Have To Steal This CD It's Free (2004)
Sentido Critico - Pienso Luego Resisto (2007)

And some videoclips:
Komintern 43 - RASH
Manu Chao - Rainin´ In Paradize
Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity


Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Azione Diretta - Rabbia (Demo 2007)
Automatica Aggregazione - Demo (5 tracks)
Offensiva - Napoli Odia (demo 2007)
Rip Off - Demo (198x)
Sistema Sonoro Skartel - Demo
(And at their Last.fm page you can listen and download track from new single "Ruido de resistencia". Hopefully there wil be also new album soon..)
Final Prayer - Right Here Right Now (2006)

Les Vieilles Salopes ->
*Aime-moi tendre, aime-moi vrai (2003)
*Jamais debout toujours par terre (2005) >>here<<
*Premier Crackage (2001) >>here<<

H-Block 101 ->
*No Room For Apathy (1997)
*Burning With The Times (2001)
*A Voice In The Crowd (1996)
* Synergy (1998)
- links >>here<<

Nucleo Terco ->
*Abriendo fuego >>here<<
*Stalingrado 1943 >>here<<



GuerrilleraA documentary with English subtitles (basic English - you don´t have to worry if you will understand..) about a girl who joins FARC. This documentary takes place during her time in a "boot camp".

Watch at the GoogleVideo or if you have slow connection, don´t use Flash in your browser... you can download this in MP4 format (226MB) from >>here<<. (right click - "save as")

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Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (Update)


Oi! Se Arma - Balas Perdidas (2007)
--> VideoClip Clockwork Oi!
Oi! Se Arma - Ya Es Domingo (Live Demo)
Brigata Parcoflorida - Canzoni Nuove
Suicide Pride - Kell egy új világ (2007)

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución