Oi! Music - updated


Tentative 02 Suicide - Liberté (2009)
Kerhun - La Voix Des Travailleurs (MCD 1998)
("oi communiste old-school" - interview No.1 | No.2 )
Guiness Boys, the - El Pacte (2008)
V.A. - Akoplado Boi!na Records
(No Hay Orden, Rebel Tones, Barra Brava - 5 songs each)
Yuka - Demo (2006)
Ten Hole Bootboys - Strictly For The Streets EP (2008)
Akuma (CAN) - ...Des Cendres et du désespoir (2006)
Akuma (CAN) - 100 demons (2001)
Akuma (CAN) - Subversion (2004)
Cinque Minuti Di Rivolta - Stato Di Allerta (2008)

Free downloads:
Crâne d’Obus - Live 18.10. 2008
Cuando fuimos hombres
Km. 0 (Demo)
Skalpel - Résister c'est vaincre Vol.1 (2009)


Los Fastidios - All'Arrembaggio (2009)

Los Fastidios
Los Fastidios - All'Arrembaggio (2009)

Added to my folder:


If you want to buy this, in this case it shouldn't be problem to find it in your nearest distro. Or you can just google for it.


Двадцатые - Демо (2009)

Двадцатые (Dvadcatye) - Демо (2009)
Dvadcatye - Logo

For now I found this only in Riot Style distro (which is in Russia..)

Added to my folder
-> http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A

I beg to put here also the last comment from "Antifa - Chasseurs de skins" post, since it could be left unnoticed there. This is perhaps especially for french speaking visiting this blog:

Andries said...
"If somebody could give me the french transcription then i could translate it into english and then some antifa-computernerd could make the into subtitles."


And this is older, but I noticed already now...
Neonazi trying to trade mark the term "Hardcore"
More info -> de.Indymedia
in English -> FOEM/Blog

If I got it right it was already partialy approved, but better read yourself...
Current state of the case you can check here:
+ google translated version


Oi!, Punk - Updated

Kind of busy lately but here is another update:


Terrorist Gang (Oi! Core) - Fino Alla Vittoria (2004)
Old Style Values & Bystreet - ... В Наших Сердцах (2009)
Pubblico Oltraggio & Mess Mess Mess - Split (2008)
Ivan Drago's - Pavillon Noir (2007)
Oi! Mates - Vetkőzz Le Magadtól (2006)
Oi! Mates - Rude Rock And Roll (live)
RozpoR - ...Sú Úchilný Žido Bolševycký Feťáci!!! (2009)
Produzenten der Froide - Ready For Love (2009)
Gonna Get Yours - Demo (2006)
Adversion - Poder y Gloria (2008)
(real 256 kbit)
Adeptos Vehementes - Demo (2007)
(complete - 8 tracks)

I also uploaded lyrics from A.S.C.O - Por Un Infierno... translated into English
download here

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución