RASH logo (hi-res)

RASH logoHave you ever searched for RASH logo in some higher resolution? If you succeeded you are genial but the biggest one I have found on the internet was something like 220 x 220px which is not too usable if you wanna use it when making some leaflet, poster or whatever else you can need it for. So I redrawed this one and now you can download the result here (use links below). Just if you will make any improvements of it, share your result also here, please.

So, here you are
5743 x 4486 px 300 dpi
download as *.png (1.0 MB) *.psd (5,5 MB) or half-sized *jpg (422kB 2362x1845 px)
(right click and "save as")

In the future when I will have some time I´m gonna redraw also that logo with globe - or you can try it and share your result?... ;-)

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