Music - Punk, Oi! update


Produzenten der Froide - Stuttgart bei Nacht (2007)
Brigata Alcolica - 2 Agosto 1980 (2005)
Brigata Alcoolica & The Sicks - Split
Döner Skins - Promo (Samplerbeiträge-Live-Proberaum)
Bitov Teror (Битов Терор) - Demo
Oltrecortina (Cesare, ex Erode singer) - Vieni Con Me (Demo 1999)
Moskovoi! (10 tracks)
(or free dwonload & samples here)
Blackjacks, The - Blood And Sweat

Free Downloads:
Moscow Death Brigade - Demo'08
(members of Razor Bois)
Prisoners - Real Songs EP


Music of the 80's

(Because there wasn't myspace back in the 80's I uploaded sample songs from these bands >>here<<)
Nick Toczeck's Britanarchists - More To Hate (1986)
Basta - Non Posso Sopportare Questa Sporca Situa (1983)
Laid Thenardier - Le Cou Tranche, Sourire Kabyle (1987)
Last Stand - Coup D'etat (EP 1985)
Last Stand - Just A Number (EP 1986)
Last Stand + Noonday Underground (Split EP 1984)
Naste Borraste - Naste Borraste (1987)
Naste Borraste - Pon Un Idiota En Tu Vida (1988)
Baldin Bada - Baldin Bada (1989)
Baldin Bada - Lur Azpian Bukatuko Duzue (1986)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Making History (1984)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat An' Blood
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces Of Victory
Ruts, The - Something That I Said (The Best Of)
Aut Aut - Musica Di Periferia (1994)
(94' is not 80's but never mind)

Free downloads:
Yr Anhrefn
- Defaid, Skateboards a Wellies (1987)
- Peel Session


Fun with Czechs and Music update

Antifa.cz: Smash the reds.

(click image to see full photo)
Hoodie with "Good Night Red Side" motive already available at Aryanwear.com. Each right anarchist should have one. Go get yours!!

Scum: We love antifa.

(click image to see full photo)

The Czech Communist Party: We love Anti-Antifa.
Jiri Valenta, member of the municipal council and communist party, on antifa anti-nazi demonstration:

"I consider absolutely unacceptable that the manifestation and propagation of the radical movement ANTIFA was officially permitted during the precaution process. Something like that can not be accepted in the democratic society. Inconceivable motivated (sic!), unnecessarily politically populist, action (...) leads only to further ecsalation of organized violence. Not only on the part of right-winged radicals but also on the part of so called antifascists. All who stood by, including me, could make certain of illegality of the speech of the ANTIFA speakers (speech, which could be also impulse to lodge a complaint for instigation to violence and hatred). The leaflet distributed by ANTIFA at the venue encouraged to violence and disposed informations how to mask yourself during an anti-demonstrations (violation of the Rally law) or what to do when arrested."
(free translation from czech - original)

Next Week Exclusive!!!Confession of an anarchist: "COMMUNISM ruined my life!"
The Blaggers I.T.A. on "We are reds": "We were on drugs when we sang this."
And more: Did Kaos Urbano REALLY split? We have photos!!!

And MORE!!
Next week on Red Scare press.

Aggressive Combat - Survive (2008)
(videoclip "Pub Stories" 57MB)
Kids Of The Streets - Demo (2008)
(or free download from their myspace page)
Bubbles, The - Demo
(or free download from their myspace page)

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T-Shirt Stencil: Classwar

So, here is a new section (well, maybe I'll stick with this post and won't continue, we'll see...) where I'll be adding T-shirt stencils.

About printing
      These T-shirt stencils can be printed on your printer (you'll need some special paper and ink) or usually in your local copy center (where they'll also put it on your t-shirt or whatever else) or by other services engaged in printing. The stencils are made for cut-out printing (I really don't know how it's called even in my own language and I mean that they'll print only shapes - no background, this kind of printing produces better quality, doesn't look ugly and is only a bit more expensive). >>Here<< is an example how it should look. And >>this<< is what you can not get This kind of printing has also some negatives - there can't be used too difficult or too tiny shapes, gradients and colors (resp. each color needs to be applied separately). Basically - vectors, however that doesn't mean that I'll vectorize all of them, it's not needed... . Nevertheless it's probably the best what you can get for "single t-shirt print". Often the biggest size they can print is A4.
(Alternativelly, if you are skilful, you can use just roller and inks and make your t-shirt by your own. There's a lot of howto's on the internet e.g. this one @ Stencil Punks)

      Motives I'll be sharing are mostly stolen ideas, bands logos and so on - just resized and edited for the kind of print I wrote above (I have also some my own but maybe later...). So once again before somebody will complain - these motives are not my ideas, I just converted them into stencils.. And second characteristic is that they're simple and monochromatic.

      You shouldn't use these motives for commercial purposes. If you'd like to print'n'sell t-shirts with these motives remeber that somebody else probably did and the money s\he got from that goes for the better purposes than for your profit (e.g. money from selling of today's motive goes directly to the class war ;) ) - I mean this particularly in connection with the band's t-shirts.

Enough talks, here is the first one:

Classwar - When the shit goes down you better be ready

Download as *.PNG (10007kB, A4 sized)
Download as *.EPS (23kB) *
(right click and "Save as")

*Vectorizing of the text under the logo wasnt't so succesfull so if you want to use that, you will need rewrite that text yourself - here is font I used: Carlsberg Sans (TTF & OTF)

From previous posts you can use also RASH logo for this purpose...

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Music - Hardcore, Punk

Rajando Timbales - Mil Batallas (2008)
Catorce Agujeros - 14 Agujeros
Maggoty Brats, The - Rodeo EP (2006)
Folsom - Neon Light Nights (2008)
(their other albums you can download from their official pages)
Call To Arms - Dead End Youth
Dishonour Squad - Century Of Fear (2005)


Music, Video - Update


Gomeru - Bales De Rabia (2008)
Answer - Ni Oblit Ni Perdo (2008)
Destral De Guerra - Demo (2008)
(or directly from their myspace)
Ariabàscia - Mi Ni Vogliu Pisa (2007)

Free Downloads:
Banned From The Pub - Sounds from Burdigala
Antitank - I a pendre pel cul!!!
Roig - Els llops no ploren

Kaos Urbano - De Madriz Al Infierno - DVDRip
Concert, Videoclip Inadaptados, Larga Vida Al Oi!, Photos
Larga Vida Al Oi!

>> More Info & Download Links <<

¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución