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OfisboyzOfisboyz - Bosphorus Pride (2009)
Division d'Honneur (members of Brigada Flores Magon, Bolchoï..) - Live (2006)
Gli Ultimi - Gli Ultimi (2009)
Beta 36 - Demo (2008)
Skin Disease - Pride On The Streets (2003)
Skin Spirit - Semper Fidelis (2007)
Next Round - Мои Убеждения (Moi Ubezhdenija) (2008)
Ничего Хорошего (Nichego horoshego) - Demo (2009) (7 new tracks...)
No Heads (Oi!, Russia) - EP (2009)
Keine Engel - Demo (2008)
N.F.R. (Oi!, Italy) - Official Bootleg
Abskins - Horror Oi! (Demo 2006)
Boots With Pride - Demo
Class War Kids, the - Reflection! Rage! Rebellion! (2009)
Prisoners - La Solita Realta (2004)

Other & Free Downloads:
Bandera Negra (BCN) - 3 new tracks
Steel Boots - Para Tí (2008)
A Cuchillo! - Estilo a Muerte (2009)
Punkrees - Jack-in-the-box (Demo 2008)
Birla!!! - Xeic! (2009)
Division Bolchoi - Live 2009 (Division d'Honneur, Bolchoï) (from keponteam.org)


  1. I thank you for having quoted your source for Division bolchoi


  2. If you love Gonna get yours we've post a live video and I've make an audio rip



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