Update - Oi!, Hardcore, Punk


Ennecibbi - Na Cosa Brutta (2009)
(didn't find any info about this album, don't even know its name, I just got it - it has 11 tracks, probably released this year and it's pretty good so enjoy..)
Fate 2 Hate - Fight for Yourself (Demo)
Unarmed Riot - Workingclass (2007)
(their part from split CD with Uitschot)
Aqui y Ahora - Los Condenados A Luchar (2006)
Abrasione (Oi! Core) - Odio (Demo 2003)
P.E.G'S, the - Let's Noise (2006)
Rentenir - Hooligan Take Over (2004)
Uguaglianza - Nessuno mai ricordera (2009)
V.A. Echo En Alkorkon - Alkorkon Antifascista
Bunkum - Dog's Life (2007)
Bunkum - Still Drunk (2005)

Free Downloads:
Etxale Apio!!! - Demo
Under 18 - Loyalitas (2007)
Atrako - Live

Товарищ Карма (Tovarisch Karma)
>>More Info<<
Videoclip "Умри, Капитализм!" (Die, Capitalism!)
Their 3 ever recorded songs download >>here<<
Memeber's later projects:
Post-punk: Лисичкин Хлеб (Lisichkin Hleb)
Experimental hip-hop: Трёп (Tryop) - Теория Беглых Роботов (2007) (Teorija Beglyh Robotov)

History of the 3 arrows - article from "La Nariz Roja" zine
(in spanish ofkóz)

Desperta Ferro will in October release their new CD "L'Alba d'un nou Jorn" and DVD "Els Bons Temps 1999-2009". You can listen two songs from this at their myspace -> http://www.myspace.com/despertaferro


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