Oi! Update


Rear Gunners - We Don't Want No Nazi Skins (EP 1999)
(I ripped this at my antique turnatble, no denoise etc.. If you don't like it (or if you like it :) you can get this at Runnin' Riot)
Frode (Oi!) - Giustizia Proletaria (Demo, 2007)
Redkick - Demo (2005)
Skarmento - Skarmento (2009)
Brigadir + Krasnyj Gorizont - Split (2008) 44kHz
(If you get this previously from me it was downsampled to 22,5 kHZ and the sound was awful.., this sounds better)
Contingent Anonyme - Toujours la
Zensurats - Bastardo
Zensurats - Punk'n'Destroi! (Demo CD)
Gonna Get Yours - The Hidden Side Of Hapiness (2009)
Headliners, the - EP (2009)
V.A. - Oi! l'album (2009)
(unreleased tracks from bands at Un Vie Pour Rien?)
Mouthguard - Drongos For Europe - Split
Voice of Hate - Heroes and scum (2007)

Desperta Ferro new CD is out and I can only reccomend it. Here is list of what you'll get on DVD if you'll buy it (at Redstar 73, MM Crew or Radikal Records). And if you'll just download it somewhere here are lyrics translated to english.


  1. Muy bueno Cyril, hace tiempo te habia pedido de esta banda.

    Muchas Gracias y no bajes los brazos

  2. De nada.. I thought that it's already sold out but then I found it at RR. And just yesterday I got live split Comrade/Oi Polloi. It is on the casette but when I will have some time to rip it, I will post it ;).


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