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Comrade & Oi Polloi - Unite And Win (Live, 1988)
(I bought this at BBP Records, in tracklist there is listed 12 tracks from Comrade but at the tape there was actually just 10 songs, Oi Polloi are cut at the last song (but who cares about them anyway)
45 Adapters - Not One More Day (EP 2009)
(ripped at my old turntable - but you can get it easily at Longshot)
45 Adapters - Demo (2008)
M-16 - Demo (2009)
Subestimados - Espiritu De Lucha (2010)
Jonny Gerriwelt - Living With Class (2009)
210 - Первая Кровь (2009) (Pervaja Krov')
(members of Razor Bois, Old Style Values...)
Espiritu Callejero - Ensayo perdido
Birra Santa
(6 songs, not from their myspace.., maybe some demo - supposed to be from 2009)
Oi! The Arrase - 2009
(3 new song from them)
Takikardia Oi! (Bilbao) - Maqueta
(8 songs, 1 song from this demo is missing, I couldn't find it..)
Kids Of The Streets - Still Stand (EP 2009)
Tempo Di Rivalsa (Oi!, Italy) - Verona Belongs To Me (2004)
Figli di Alex - Never Betray This Friendship (2007)
Rude Gones - Nulle Part Ou Aller (2009)
Guacamaya - Fino All'ultimo Bandito (2009)

Deal, the - Cutthroat (2004)
Deal, the - Who's Pulling Your Strings (2002)
Deal, the - Yesterday, Today & Forever (2001)
La Kaputxa - La Kaputxa

Free Download
Má Sorte - Demo (2009)
Гневъ - Тебе решать! (2009)
(Gnev' - Tebe reshat')

And few truths from the life
50 rules traditional skins should follow


  1. Big thanks for the comrade live ! great band !

    Dundy - Keponteam.org

  2. Enjoy! And some of you french could finaly make at least transcription of Chasseurs de skins. Take it for example as the new year resolution. HADOPI will cut you all from keponteam from internet anyway so you will have a lot of time for that ;)

  3. hi,
    Chasseurs de skins is a series of stories where everyone brags and tells stories that can not be verified, the response of boneheads "sur les pavés .." is like ...... both are pathetic! we believe that children compare the size of their dicks, and each claims to be bigger.
    Do not live in the past, even if hunters skins did indeed exist and I am appreciative of their fight I think that some deeds are just part of the mythomania ....... and at the same low forehead. ...........


  4. Ehh, seems it isn't worth of watching then... :) Cheers! and Happy New Year

  5. Comrade - Demo Tape

  6. hi, could you up 45 adapters demo again please.
    thank you

  7. thank you for upload 45 adapters.

  8. thank you for upload 45 adapaters.

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