Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC (update)


Segona Opció - Segona Opció (2007)
Usual Suspects - Garvaghy Road
Usual Suspects - Sur Les Murs [download sample]
Jeune Seigneur - Démo [download sample]
Represalia - La Veu D´un Poble
Quartier Libre - L'espoir Fait Vivre (2007)
777 Bakunina - Demo (2005) [download sample]
Brigada de Porkeria
- Porkeria del Tercer Mundo
Sons Of Disgrace - Megademo (2006)
Lenino Prospektas & NetvarkOi! (Split 2006)
Adunata - Devi Resistere [download sample]
(previously I posted also their split with Antiruggine (they have better sound there btw) - now it's already deleted but if somebody want to reupload this, write in comments...)


  1. Sin cerveza no hay revolucion hehehehe, cheers from http://elclubdelosmagios.blogspot.com/

    ni un solo paso atras

  2. Just wanted to say that I liked the previous design more. But whatever you fancy. Cheers mate.

  3. And what's wrong? -New header or too dark? I can add another layout and allow visitors to switch between them. You (or anybody else) can visit my testing blog at http://rs2-test.blogspot.com" and try it - click ALTERNATE or ALTERNATE2 (just under the search form) to switch layouts (JavaScript and Cookies needs to be enabled) - they are just sketches I made right now but I need to know if it has any sense to make some improvements into them and what to change.

    Or you can just wait - I will make new layout again soon - this is 4th design within the last two years...


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