Antifa - Chasseurs de Skins

Documentary "Antifa - Chasseurs de Skins" is since yesterday available to download "from" torrent - e.g. at TorrentPortal or Mininova (you can combine trackers from both). Nevertheless it's in French language with no subtitles.. DVD with english subtitles should be available in a 3 weeks at ResistanceFilms (at the moment there is only "no-subtitles" version).

>>P2M download links<<

Update: English .SRT subtitles (OCR by redskins.ru)


  1. de puta madre muchas gracias

    Oi! desde mexico

  2. Do you know now about subtitles for this film? Are they anywhere to find?
    ps: You have there a very usefull website, thank you:)

  3. Já jsem zatím žádný nenašel. V polovině června jsem posílal mail na Resistancefilms a odpověděli mi, že anglický titulky budou do měsíce. Ale stále tam DVD s titulky nemají. Teď jsem jim posílal další mail, jak to vypadá a zatím neodpověděli. Jinak mi přijde, že s francouzštinou je to tak nějak obecně špatný a jestli to nepřeloží oni, tak si asi ješte počkáme...

    Still no subtitles out there (at least I'm not able to find them). In July somebody from Resistancefilms told me that subtitles will be out in a month - and still nothing. So, probably they need some more time or somebody french speaking could make us happy...

  4. redskincolombia

    great blog, have you contacted some one of resistance films recently??(for the english or spanih subtitles)im trying but i dont have any answer.

    the other possible is that some one who know english and french could help us... if somebody knows that person tell him/her PLEASEEE

    saludos de colombia

  5. Last time I send them an email a month ago and still got no answer. Perhaps they gave up making subs for this... (but that would be weird since all of their other DVDs have english subs) Unfortunately I don't know somebody who speaks french good enough to translate this. But I still hope that the day will come :)
    Cheeers to Colombia

  6. still no subs??come on guys whats wrong??

  7. hi mates, if you have any eng subs pls send it to marekprive(at)gmail.com

  8. well if anyone have the subtitles,plese post here and send it in my e-mail. I contacted "resistance Films" asking for sub, but no answer till now
    This documentary is fantastic, but without sub i cant's understeand french! Antifa rulez.

  9. the same redskin from colombiaMarch 13, 2009 at 5:44:00 AM GMT+1

    my friend its true!!
    if we want subtitles for this documental we must find who do them or may we can apply the DIY

    so if you know someone frenchspeaker pelase make subtitles

    sorry for the bad english


  10. If somebody could give me the french transcription then i could translate it into english and then some antifa-computernerd could make the into subtitles.


  11. Hi everyone!! theres no subtitles yet?? please if someone can found it or made it, please send me an
    e-mail to tiempo.extra@live.com.ar, i really apreciate this (and excuse me for my bad english)

    Saludos a todas las escenas de Colombia

  12. y a todas las escenas del mundo entero!! Salud!!

  13. what happened to the subtitles? is there really nobody who speaks french and could make a transcript at least? and translate it to english. I could do the timing!

  14. Seems it would be just a waste of time - read comment here

  15. So are you gonna base it all on one opinion? We need subtitles! :)

  16. this film is niccce! and here are the english subtitles:

    unfortunately they are hardcoded, so you need to download the whole film

  17. englnsh subtitles (.srt)


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