Suzio 13 - Nuestra Suerte (2010)

Suzio13 logoSuzio 13 - Nuestra Suerte (2010)
Download from Music folder or buy from Potencial Hardcore

*Gradinata Nord after 8 years since split CD with Rebelde released new album "Valtellina Boyz". Album preview is available at their myspace. More hard rock (or however is called that hairy motorcycle gangs music) than oi! as before but if you like it you can get a copy directly from the band (14€) or if you'll be fast enough (4 copies left) you can get it for 5€ at ebay.

*In February is also comming out new album from Tados - "Des Gars, Des Os!!" - 4 tracks from the CD are already available at their myspace.

*And finally Maninblack (with ex "The Press" vocalist) announced start of a new video project - more info at their site. We'll see if it comes out better than planned release of their EP and LP last year.

Graphic Novel - Skin
Skin "The story of a young skinhead, Martin Atchitson who grew up in 1970s London with thalidomide-related birth defects. Milligan (author) has said the story partially addresses "universal themes of major companies shafting people, and corruption in terms of drugs and mass marketing."

(if you'll have problems with opening, just change the extension of the file from CBR to ZIP and unpack the JPGs..)


  1. can you get new Trade Unions ?! j.

  2. I'm in contact with Bebe from TU and waiting when he sets up his paypal account and his friend will found some parcel delivery agency :) Quite a big plans but so far it seems that the cd should get to me by the end of this month. If it won't appear somewhere else earlier...


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