Sindrome Oi! - If You Don´t Like It (2010)

Sindrome Oi!Sindrome Oi! - If You Don´t Like It (2010)
2 older songs, not included on that album - Hools CAO and Tortura Inversa download here
The album you can buy at Tiendaskizo but your order has to be min 15oiros..

Allergia (Streetpunk, Oi!, Italy) - Attitudine a Reagire (Demo, 1998)
(-> review of this demo)
Beberzio - Demo

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Free downloads:
Deadlamb Records Sampler 2010

Contra and Longshot records also came with 2010 free sampler but I don't know most of those bands and since some of their releases I find suspicious, I'll post here just one yet unreleased song from that:
45 Adapters - Conquer Fear


¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución