T-Shirt Stencil: Rest In Pieces

Download 'Rest In Pieces' t-shirt stencils - right click and 'save as...'

For larger preview go here.

ZIP archive (828kB) with stencils download >>HERE<<
(right click and 'save as').

In archive there are two versions of this stencil. The first is intended to be printed in dark colors on light colored t-shirts (named black.on.white) and the second is intended to be printed in light colors on dark colored t-shirts (named white.on.black). They are slightly different since different parts of the graphic will be printed (those which are black). Both of them are made in black - that's only for contrast purpouses and it doesn't matter what is their actual color - you choose the color when printing...


http://rapidshare.com/users/GRG2A - Added Demo (1990) from Comrade

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  1. hey, something from french band REDWEILER new record or rash band FULL TIME SKINS, nobody has this bands.

  2. New album "Bordeaux Saigne" from Redweiler is not out yet, I have only some live.. And I'm also looking for Full Time Skins for quite a long time (also for another Indonesian band The Gags) but still nothing (I have only some 7 tracks if you want them...). And I haven't seen their album in some european distro and to pay for postage from Indonesia, that's too much.. But since they released CD this year hopefuly the'll send some of them also here..

  3. hello.
    congratulations for the great job you're doing on this blog.

    I wanted to ask why the download of "il drago e il leone" to "razzapparte" isn't on RapidShare ... has been removed for copyright law?

    thanks and greetings

  4. Hi, Yes Razzaparte were deleted shortly after I uploaded them - probably somebody complained or what.. But if you want them I put them here ->
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/tlqvnzgiowo/R-IDEIL.rar Cheers..

  5. Hey good for Comrade - Demo Tape, we put your link in our blog


  6. Hi
    I`ve been following your blog since i was 15 years, you made a really great job with your proyect, thanks.
    I Really would like to acces to your designs to make t-shirts, if you can send it to me, i'd really apreciate it.
    Greetings from Medellín Colombia.


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