Katyusha - Benzina Sul Fuoco (2008) + Links

-------- MUSIC ------------
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I bought this album at RedStar73.com. The postage for 1 CD costed me only 1.5 € (and I don't live in Catalonia) and the CD was in my mailbox one week after payment (they use paypal so there are no bank-transfer and currency-conversion charges). Another pro is that they responded my e-mails really fast so there shouldn't be communication problems with some delivery issues.. They also have a lot of another good music or nice t-shirt so check it out.

(Btw. if you have positive (or negative) experience with some another distro, especially that's not in your country, I'd like to hear it. They usually don't respond my e-mails so I'm little worried of solving some delivery problems..)

I also took photos of Last Strike - Delnicky Rock (album in my folder) CD cover with lyrics translated into english - you can download it >>here<<

And one video - Agresion - Traidores (Live)
(I got link to this in the newsletter of WCRec. - they didn't respond my questions but started to mail me their newsletter. To don't malign, maybe they just don't speak (my-)english but it's smiling a bit.)

-------- VIDEO ------------
Leila Khaled Hijacker - A documentary about Leila Khaled
Download: Part_1 | Part_2 (English subtitles are in archive)
Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

If you'd like some short introduction or overview about I-P conf. you can download PFLP and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 10 minutes (.pdf) at Fighters&Lovers

And if you want some news from Palestine you can head for Anarchists Against The Wall's electronic Intifada updates.

-------- IF ------------
If you still didn't adopt Anarchist's "Don't believe anybody, don't believe us either" you should do so by now - Anarchist site ran by fascists -> thread at Libcom.org Part1 and Part 2

If you don't know if to waste your time downloading and watching Battle In Seattle (download links I posted in some of the previous posts) maybe movie review at Anarkismo.net will help you..

-------- News from the World ------------
Police fight Police in Sao Palo (The first row tickets sold-out and flights to Brazil fully booked :'( )

This Wednesday Revolt.Destroy.Reform online radio started their broadcast. So if you'll get bored with pure Punk'n'Oi! you can tune in - every Wednesday evening >>More here<<

Infoshop.org: Anarchists should adpot anti-semitism and ZOG belief. (maybe another anarchist site run by fascists hehe)


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