Music - Oi!, Punk, Hardcore (Update)

Zona Zero - Ahora o Nunca (2005)
Valdez - Exception Becomes The Rule (2005)
Natural Born Drinkers - Sz 8
Tisztán A Cél Felé - Forradalom
Tisztán A Cél Felé - 1965.09.19
Voodoo Zombie - Demo Del Horror
Abfallsozialprodukt - Keine Macht Den Faschisten
Abfallsozialprodukt - Trauma

Free Downloads:
A Cuchillo + Grito + Mesqueodi - Split

Yesterday CaRRe released the proper DVDrip of Battle In Seattle (About anti-WTO demos in 99'). I haven't seen it yet so I don't know if it isn't just piece of shit (these themes can be easily fucked up) nevertheless it has some good reviews so you can try it at least... Download links I found over the internet are here.

That's all for today but remember you never know who will try to kill you. So you better be ready.


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