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Obchod na korze (1965) (AKA "The Shop on Main Street")
(with EN and ESP subs)

"An inept Slovakian peasant is torn between greed and guilt when the Nazi-backed bosses of his town appoint him "Aryan controller" of an old Jewish widow's button shop. Humor and tragedy fuse in this scathing exploration of one cowardly man's complicity in the horrors of a totalitarian regime."

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|Music - Punk, Oi!, HxC|


Hold a Grudge - Hold a Grudge (2006) (80kbit...)
Adiktes A La Barra - Sinera HxC
Spitting Rage - Demo (2006)
Death In Custody - Infected With Rage (2007)
Los Foiros - Los Foiros (2007)
Anticops - In The Eyes Of A Dying Man (2006)
Klasse Kriminale - Strength & Unity (2007)
Brat Attack - Destruction Sound System (2003)
Brat Attack - From This Beauty Comes Chaos And Mayhem (2005)
(this one is better ;-) )
Riot Brigade - Break Addiction
Commandantes - Für Brot und Freiheit
Frangia Violenta - Demo (2005)
Linx - Some 9 tracks
Txorlitohead - Drunk´n´Roll
Usual Suspects - Hasta La Vista, Commandante

Dirty Floï
-> the 1st and 2nd album


The Gags - Komunitas Bendera Hitam
Sistema Sonoro Skartel - Huye Y Lucha
And if you are bored of pogo you can try "one of the most popular dances in america" Yeeeeeeeeha!!


  1. thanksssss for LOS FOIROS, excelent music, oi, punk and all political bands are fuckin great.
    when you take a chance again, you can put some from EX CATHEDRA.
    ga from rash gdl mex

  2. brat attack rule!! been after this for ages, should have bought it recently but forgot about them and now have no money :p

    thx anyway!!


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