Garrotada - Demo
Gomeru - Griesca na cái (Demo)
Video Tuerques y Torniellos
Gomeru - Live (2006)
Guts'n'Glory - Destination Nowhere (2006)
Death In Custody - Death In Custody (Demo, 6tracks)
Only Attitude Counts - Continue The Fight
Only Attitude Counts - Hard To Swallow (2001)
Only Attitude Counts - Return The Favour (2006)
Only Attitude Counts - United We Stand


Brigada Flores Magon Video 2007 - Live + Interview
50 min. of live concert and 40 min. long interview (in french without subtitles - perhaps somebody who speaks french could make some?).
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|And The Rest|

The last year was shitty and at its end it became totally shitty. Almost only thing that was good on it were some fine releases. And to make some summary, here is my top 10 of 2007 (punk) albums (which you can also find in my folder or in your distros).

1. Assalt 43 - Nuestro Camino
(I´m not sure if it is 2007 or 2006 but that doesn´t matter, it is simply the best)
2. Oi! Se Arma - Balas Perdidas
3. Agresion - Sin Piedad
4. Železná Kolóna - My sa trosiek nebojíme...
5. Non Servium - El Imperio Del Mal
6. Brigada Flores Magon - Tout Pour Tous
7. Wisdom In Chains - Class War
8. Esclaves Salariés - Ca Augure Mal
9. Intro5pect - Realpolitik!
10. S-Contro - King of Fools

And special rank for "Zasrali Solnce" and their song "Fashizm Ne Projdet!" (from album "Zakon Vne Zakona", great...)

Some fun at the end:

*John The Revelator
*Russian Army Oi!

And if you still don´t know who makes our streets safer, here is the answer...

P.S. Updates of this blog are so sporadic, because shittyness of last year still continues, but I hope it can´t be eternal..


  1. great blog man, do you have LOS FOIROS s/t. cheers from mex

  2. Los Foiros were added into the RS folder ;-)


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