The Prowlers & PDF - Split (2011) |buy|
I Vermi - I Érem... Ad Rependum!! (2010)
(the band has splitted but you can still get this cd throught their myspace, 10€ with postage)
Kro'n'Oï - Debout Les Morts (2008) |buy|
(17th song B..D..K.. is missing)
Basanés 75 - Je me souviens (2011)
Esalazione - Demo (2007)
Guastafeste - Morte Alcoolica (Demo 1999)

Download links in Music folder

Other downloads:
Kro men - Phallussy + Demo + EP
Division Sauvage & Rage Mécanique - Split (2008) (+RM demo)

If there's somebody ineterested - I have 2 spare invitations to Google Music. So if you live outside US and want to try it out, leave here your google account email...
(it's probably for free only as long as it's in beta but gmail was in beta few years..)


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