Boot Boys - Juramos Vencer (2011)

Boot Boys - Juramos Vencer (2011)
Boot Boys - Juramos VencerHaven't seen this in any distro yet, nevertheless be sure to support the band as soon as it pops up somewhere. Meanwhile you could check out Redstar73 who got recently bunch of cds from russian Street Influence records (Brigadir, 210, Klowns etc.). Or if you aren't afraid of out-of-europe money transfer and postage, go directly to Street Influence. They should soon release new EP from Kids of the Streets.

Boot Boys @ myspace | facebook

Download link
(in the archive there's also their 5 song demo...)
EDIT: I forgot to post the download link yesterday but because the album isn't out yet, I fixed it today with download link for only 9 of 10 songs. Wait for news at Redstar73 to grab it when it's out.


  1. the boot boys album isn't out yet but soon on your favourite record label. :)

  2. Ah, that explains why i couldn't find it :) they shouldn't wait with that much longer, it's great work..


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