Oi!, Punk, HxC Music (Update)

Spina Nel Fianco - Sulla Cattiva Strada
(one song in the paylist here)
Workers Etiquette Manual - The Haves vs. The Have Nots (2004)
Dead Spike - Punx Über Alles (2006)
No Good Heroes - Radio Rebelde
Five Boots (Streetpunk Oi! from Italy) - Five Boots
Five Boots - Le Nostre Piccole Storie (1995)
Ruidosos (Punk Oi!, Italy) - Ditelo Col Fuoco
Sons De Lucha (Streetpunk, France) - Demo

The Exploited in MadridExploited in Madrid
Just quick intro if you don't follow the news about the band you perhaps don't even listen to :) - vocalist of the Exploited was confronted with his ambiguity by local antifascists before his show in Madrid...
At La Haine you can now find "Clarifying official notice respect to the action against Wattie (Exploited)" (for english version scroll down the page) and also few photos of this nopoliticsjustpunk band. That message is partially also response to the post at the Exploited's blog.


  1. it's actually said that wattie did made a speech in fuckin ian stuarts funeral. he has been an asshole for a long time,it's unfortunately not a new thing.

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  3. b-s:
    FTW, At Taringa.net there is (in spanish) the whole article about them.
    In fact I've never used to listen to them so I didn't care too much about what's going around them. A just heard they are right-winged but I thought that it just means they aren't left-winged. So this was kinda surprise.


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