Music Update - Hardcore, Punk

Hijos Del 77 - Vivos En La Memoria (2008)
A Fora De Arrastu & Feccia Tricolore - Split (2008)
Feccia Tricolore - Feccia Tricolore (2006)
A Fora De Arrastu - Istorias (2004)
To Ed Gein - To Ed Gein (2008)
Still Life - Sigue Caminando (2007)
Взрывая Границы (Vzryvaya Granici)

Perhaps you already noticed that at El Club De Los Magios you can find new album from Razor Bois (in my folder you can find VBR V0 quality version). To my folder I added also Demo from Hoods Up 495 (pre Moscow Death Brigade, Razor Bois) - Beastie Boys punk hip hop style.

Technical Note:
Size of my main rapidshare folder reached its max capacity -- number of 500 files -- so to make some space I created new folder and moved some of old files there. The new folder for old files's adress is http://rapidshare.com/users/6IA9TH. Perhaps you won't need to acces this folder - just for case you would like to download some albums from older posts (old but popular files I'll keep in my main folder). Later I'll add the link to this folder to the right menu on this site. It's the best solution I could devise at the moment....


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