Music of the 80's

(Because there wasn't myspace back in the 80's I uploaded sample songs from these bands >>here<<)
Nick Toczeck's Britanarchists - More To Hate (1986)
Basta - Non Posso Sopportare Questa Sporca Situa (1983)
Laid Thenardier - Le Cou Tranche, Sourire Kabyle (1987)
Last Stand - Coup D'etat (EP 1985)
Last Stand - Just A Number (EP 1986)
Last Stand + Noonday Underground (Split EP 1984)
Naste Borraste - Naste Borraste (1987)
Naste Borraste - Pon Un Idiota En Tu Vida (1988)
Baldin Bada - Baldin Bada (1989)
Baldin Bada - Lur Azpian Bukatuko Duzue (1986)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Making History (1984)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat An' Blood
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces Of Victory
Ruts, The - Something That I Said (The Best Of)
Aut Aut - Musica Di Periferia (1994)
(94' is not 80's but never mind)

Free downloads:
Yr Anhrefn
- Defaid, Skateboards a Wellies (1987)
- Peel Session

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