Fun with Czechs and Music update

Antifa.cz: Smash the reds.

(click image to see full photo)
Hoodie with "Good Night Red Side" motive already available at Aryanwear.com. Each right anarchist should have one. Go get yours!!

Scum: We love antifa.

(click image to see full photo)

The Czech Communist Party: We love Anti-Antifa.
Jiri Valenta, member of the municipal council and communist party, on antifa anti-nazi demonstration:

"I consider absolutely unacceptable that the manifestation and propagation of the radical movement ANTIFA was officially permitted during the precaution process. Something like that can not be accepted in the democratic society. Inconceivable motivated (sic!), unnecessarily politically populist, action (...) leads only to further ecsalation of organized violence. Not only on the part of right-winged radicals but also on the part of so called antifascists. All who stood by, including me, could make certain of illegality of the speech of the ANTIFA speakers (speech, which could be also impulse to lodge a complaint for instigation to violence and hatred). The leaflet distributed by ANTIFA at the venue encouraged to violence and disposed informations how to mask yourself during an anti-demonstrations (violation of the Rally law) or what to do when arrested."
(free translation from czech - original)

Next Week Exclusive!!!Confession of an anarchist: "COMMUNISM ruined my life!"
The Blaggers I.T.A. on "We are reds": "We were on drugs when we sang this."
And more: Did Kaos Urbano REALLY split? We have photos!!!

And MORE!!
Next week on Red Scare press.

Aggressive Combat - Survive (2008)
(videoclip "Pub Stories" 57MB)
Kids Of The Streets - Demo (2008)
(or free download from their myspace page)
Bubbles, The - Demo
(or free download from their myspace page)

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  1. can't wait the new red scare press :)

  2. the second img - it's nazis, but they use antifa logo because they want make us anger

  3. i don't understand this post......my english is not very good but why this url aryan.... why this publicity for te nazis.........
    Sorry for the possible misunderstanding........


  4. Mickael: That's sarcasm based upon fact, that antifa.cz used slogan "Good night red side" which is with "Good night left side" commonly used by fascists as another derivate of the GNWP campaign .. That just should point out the moment of anti-reds antifa.cz which is quite ironic or rather stupid...
    (btw that's because of antifa.cz's special comprehension of the word "reds" which in their vocabulary means bolsheviks - something like "there are only anarchist in the world, all others are fascists or bolsheviks". There is a lot of fun with this attitude but I don't want to pry too much in that over the internet..)

  5. ok just this url ar....com on this blog..... my opinion is no pub for nazi .....but this is your blog ;)

    follow your good job on this blog



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