Crève-Coeur - L'aube se lève toujours (2011)

creve Coeur logoCrève-Coeur - L'aube se lève toujours (2011)
Ex Les Partisans and Plastic Guns, available as CD (7€) or 10″ (8€)

Produzenten der Froide - Ich Scheiß auf euren Oi! (EP, 2012)
Somewhat old call connected with this release you can read @RASH Stuttgart blog (scroll down for english version). I don't know what is the current state of that case but I'm pretty sure, it won't hurt them if you'll buy this at Madbutcher (mp3 download available at Amazon)
Kaka Zaharra ta Bi Puzker - Lutxa y odio (demo, 2011)
Saldakoi - No escapes (2012)

Download Links

* 2 songs from Enraged Minority that will appear on their split EP with Streets of Rage @youtube
- Rude'n'Rebel and Chosen Family

* 7 songs from Dance Punk Oi! band Pom Pom Beretta are available for download at their facebook. Or from mediafire together with some older versions of their songs.


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