Oi! Update

Cold Revenge - De Lo Malo, Lo Peor! (2011) |buy|
Awaking the North - Here to Stay (2011)
Defaillance - Vivre Punk Ou Mourir (2006)
(their album Mort Vivant already posted earlier...)
Jacques Mesrine Xperience - Broussard m'a tuer (2004)
Rabbia - Demo Trento Oi! (2001)
Rabbia & Radio Destroy - Dead Or Alive (2003)

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* 3 former members of Les Partisans and 2 of Plastic Guns formed new band named Creve Coeur. They have 10" out and it's available Redstar73 or Rusty Knife. And here is one preview song.

* Interview with RPG-7 (in English) who should release new album this December.


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