Gli Ultimi - Questi Anni (2011)
(videoclip for song "Quelli Come Te" → youtu.be/2-5sc8vh8KA)
K Net de Bieres - La Vie Comme On La Boit (2008)
Duap - Gente di Strada (1997)
(2 songs that aren't on any of 2 previously posted records (Solo per Noi, Anti Patria) - "Oi! E La Vendetta" and "Pagherai" )
Ultima Ripresa - Demo (2010)
Charge 69 - Retour au Front (2010)
Oldfashioned Ideas - We're in this shit together (2010)
Alerta - Siempre Más Fuertes (2010)

Download Links

* Download debut from Streets Of Rage - Level One (2011). (Link on their myspace → mediafire.com/?4yn4gxd9govczgj)

* There's already some time out new album from The Motivated entitled "Dentro di Te". Costs 5euros and if you want it, you can get in touch with the band through their myspace or contact their distro Rumagna Sgroza.


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