Razzapparte - Tuscia Oi!

RazzapparteRazzapparte just released new MCD "Tuscia Oi!" to celebrate their 15 years of existence. It includes 5 tracks - combination of Oi! and traditional music of Tuscia. This MCD you can order directly from the band (PayPal available) or at Anfibio rec. The price is 9€ with postage included. One song from this record - La Marroca - is available at youtube.
Anfibio rec. now finally accepts paypal payments too...

I also updated the Music folder - added some record from Mancha Negra. But not sure what it is. 22 tracks, none of them was included on their other release "Punk rock operairo 1994-2004". Could be mix of songs from their demos, that didn't get to that comp.

And one documentary "Circle: Portrait of a Demonstration" - on the attempted neo-Nazi pogrom at Janov (in czech republic, 2008). But not sure how far it can be interesting for foreiginers, especially if you don't have any other info about it.. You can read short summary in english here. Watch online or download at Doc alliance films. With english subtitles.


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