Music Update

Keltoi! - A Nosa Cinza (2010)
Oi! se Arma - Viernes 8 de Agosto - 23-30 (CDEP, 2010) |buy|
Woody Cunts - Fuori Dal Branco (2010) |buy|
Les Kamioners du Suicide recorded new EP and if you are curious how they sound like after that years in my music folder you can get their live from the last year - 2 new and 2 old songs (Live in Florac, 2009).
Komando Itinerante - Demo
Jungle Urbaine - Démo
Midnight Rovers, the - Suburb Rock'n'Roll (2010) |buy|
Medef Inna Babylone - Requiem Pour Un Barron (2005)
Medef Inna Babylone - Timeo Patronas Et Dona Ferentes (2003)

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  1. Thanks for Woody cunts..
    i have a request..the new album (complete collection, 1990-2010) of Italian Oi!band Asociale.
    Link of myspace:


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