Desperta Ferro video & music update

Desperta Ferro - Els Bons Temps 1999-2009
(videos from concerts from years 2003-2008 ; >>tracklist<< )
Download from: megaupload or ifolder
(taken from CD/DVD L'Alba D'Un Nou Jorn which you can get here and you will get some more videos + 2 inedited and rerecorded songs)

Music Update
Contra as Cordas - Por Vós (Demo, 2010)
Fill sor I Knout, the - Tu Fin Será Ignorado
16 Familia - Demo
Veteranos de Guerra - Demo (2009)
Skapulaire - Folklore Du Quotidien
Betty Boots - Carpe Diem (2009)
Hell To Pay - Truth, Honor, Family (2008)
Falkon Kresta - Solo Hay Un Camino
Le Mors Aux Dents (Oi!, France) - 1000 Raisons de Gueuler (198x)
Kids of the Streets - Under Attack (2010)
Linea de Fuego - Miedo al Fracaso (2010)
(VBR V0 in my folder, uncompressed WAVs on their myspace)

Other Downloads:
CxPxO - Antifa Punx (2010)
Kutrismo - Ke Se Vallan


¡Adelante! Ni un solo paso atrás Laboratorio de la Contrarevolución