Non Servium T-shirt Stencil

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For mariguaneros de todos los calibres who can't afford some of the "official" Non Servium t-shirts (some at Redstar73 or at Sabandijas Streetwear) because they miss all the money on drugs and satanistic tools here is one you can cheaply diy.
In pack there are 2 versions - one for traditional diy (it's a bit simplified) and one for vinyl transfer or homemade screenprinting. Formats are .PNG as A4 (for smaller print) and 2xA4 + .EPS if you wanna choose the size yourselves. (and some guides for orientation in all that files)

|Download, 666 kB|

Non Servium T-shirt stencil

Music Update:
(for some reason I can't edit my link list, so this time download links >>here<< . But for now without waiting ;)

AK47 - AK47 (2010) |buy|
Enraged Minority - Enraged Minority (2010) |buy|
Decoy 47 - Demo (10 tracks)


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