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el generalisimoTwo nice galleries at Flickr. Posters from Spanish civil war (not only posters but also some photos) and from Soviet Union. There are hundreds of posters in both, the resolution vary from something like 500x300 to 1200x800.

> Spanish Civil War <
> CCCP <

(btw, if you want to download certain poster, click "All Sizes" button above the image for full resolution ;)

|Superman - ed Son|
Red Son What if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union? Comic book from DC Comics. All 3 parts - Red Son Rising, Red Son Ascendant, Red Son Setting - you can download here.


Free Downloads:
Crit De Lluita - Guerra per la Terra (1998)
Askatasuna - Barricades, Cocktails et Pavés
Anarquia Positiva - @+ (LP, 1997)
Other Downloads:
Orreaga 778 - Orreaga 778 (2005)
Orreaga 778 - Bide Bakarra (2007)
And at PunkRockOi.blogspot.com you can find download links to:
Boikot - Amanecio (2008)
Lendakaris Muertos - Vine, Ví Y Me Vendí (2008)

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  1. hi, straight opposition antifa fast hc, holy shit its great!!!
    do you have the new HORS CONTROLE record "enfants du charbon"
    this is my band, we re broke up now and only we make this videos



  2. Yeah, Alerta Guerrilla, I know you, I have your demo or somethin' like that. Quite auspicious, that's bad you splitted...

    And to your question - I don't have this album, in fact I didn't know that Hors controle have new album out - nevertheless I'll try to get it soon and for now I will add at least one older album from Straight opposition.

  3. hi commrades,

    for the superman-redson's first part, 4 shared says "The file link that you requested is not valid."

    would you please upload again if you can??

    thank you...


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